Emily Paulhus '12

Cleanwell - San Francisco, CA
Major: Chemistry

This summer I worked at CleanWell Company in San Francisco, CA. CleanWell Company produces natural cleaning products, hand sanitizers and hand soaps that use the
powerful yet safe antibacterial properties of thyme. At this internship I worked in the Research and Development department on new product formulation and quality control testing of products before they were sent out to the market. I also researched the effect of thyme oil on various bacteria and helped the company to prepare for an upcoming inspection by the FDA. I learned the basics of how a green company functions and was able to view consumer products from a new perspective. This internship was an excellent way for me to connect my chemistry major to my environmental studies minor and explore an industry position at the same time. I plan to publish my research in a scientific journal as part of an independent study this semester and to take more courses related to the toxicology of consumer products. This internship helped me to think more about what type of career I would like after graduating from Mount Holyoke and what subject I would like to study in graduate school.