Ingrid King '13

Mount Holyoke Student Garden - South Hadley, MA
Major: English

This summer I learned that good food is grown with hard work and hope, how to really get my hands dirty, and that bunnies are merciless creatures. I interned at Mount Holyoke College’s Garden through the Miller Worley Center for the Environment. My co-intern Paula Mugnani and I planned, prepared, planted, cultivated, and harvested a quarter-acre of vegetable garden up on top of Prospect Hill. We grew eggplant, tomatoes, beans, carrots, squash, kale; the list goes on. An ecology class will use the main 35x5 meter plot in the fall to test compost versus organic fertilizer yields. We sold most of our crops to Dining Services, who will put our vegetables to good use serving them up in the dining halls. Besides nurturing our veggies, we also visited nearby farms and learned first-hand the trials and tribulations of sustainable agriculture. Every Thursday Paula and I helped out at the South Hadley Farmers’ Market, selling our own produce and assisting vendors with their stands. I had an exciting and enriching summer being exposed to the demanding yet extremely rewarding work of sustainable agriculture.