Hannah Doherty '10

My time was divided between working on next years' publication of State of the World and assisting other researchers or taking on projects of my own. For State of the World, I helped my advisor, Bob Engelman, research for his chapter on global climate change policy. I also helped with administrative work, corresponding with outside authors writing for the book, as well as preparing materials for research staff meetings. Other projects I took on outside of State of the World included fact checking and rewriting a sidebar on the healthfulness of farmed and wild fish for researcher Brian Halweil's report, Farming Fish for the Future, writing a Vital Signs article on the latest global trends in child mortality, and writing an article about the proposed Red Dead Canal between Israel and Jordan for Worldwatch's Eye on Earth series.

This summer was an invaluable and empowering experience. With every project I felt like I was developing my communication and research skills faster than at school. Corresponding with outside researchers improved my ability to confidently and effectively approach adults. I loved reading the interoffice emails between State of the World research staff debating the merits of the Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism or the flaws with a carbon tax or carbon trading scheme. The level of thinking taking place in the North West corner of DC was contagious. My summer at Worldwatch was also well timed with the current events like rising oil prices, Al Gore's call for 100 percent renewable energy in 10 years, or the twentieth anniversary of the Jim Hansen's testimony at the capitol.