Kelsey Russell '10

My internship was focused on the preliminary stages of recruitment, such as streamlining the process of in-person interviews on college campuses as well as increasing Green Corps visibility through posting the Field School for Environmental Organizing job description on career websites of the top 300 colleges and universities in the country. Most of my projects revolved around preparing and updating documents and Excel files to aid in the recruitment process for 2009, which included synthesizing college profile reports and documenting the job and career fair posting process for future Recruitment Directors. A large portion of my time was spent contacting college and university career centers to sign up for career fairs and deciphering how to post Green Corps job description on their websites. The process of learning how to post jobs on different websites in and of itself was quite time consuming as no school's job posting process is exactly the same. However, many colleges are slowly beginning to transition into using job posting databases such as Symplicity and E-Recruiting which helps make the process of posting individual job descriptions to 300 colleges less time consuming.

I also assisted both the Recruitment Director and Fundraising Director during special recruitment events; for example, I helped the Recruitment Director prepare for the final second round interview weekends and was given the responsibility of evaluating candidates ability to canvass in Boston for an afternoon. I also helped the Fundraising Director secure last minute donations and organize for the annual Boston house party, which raised $10,000 through a silent auction and donations. These events were the best part of my internship, not only because they were more lively than office work, but also because they (particularly in the case of the second round interview weekend) allowed me to see how my behind-the-scenes recruitment projects culminated into Green Corps ultimate goal of training the next generation of environmental leaders.