Jacinta Edebeli '11

This summer, I intrned at the Nature Conservancy Connecticut River Program. Initially, I was working with the connectivity team and carried out surveys on stream crossing with two other interns. After two weeks, I started the real work I was to be doing originally. I was involved in flood plain forest study. This involved studying the flood plain forest in relation to the elevation from the rivers in the Connecticut River watershed. The purpose of this study was to inform a model that would be used to help regulate dams (mostly the army corps dams) and also protect flood plain forests.

This program is based in Northampton, but we traveled through the four states that the Connecticut River cuts through: Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. It was a fun and educating experience. I believe I have become addicted to looking up at trees and trying to identify them. I was able to apply the survey techniques that I learned the semester before the summer 2009.  I saw so many wildlife plants and animals living in their natural habitats. There were many mosquitoes, but if you are working in swamps and marshes, there should be no complaints because you are in their home.