Sarah London '11

The Worldwatch Institute is a non-governmental, independent research organization, which provides fact-based analysis of critical global issues to generate and promote insights and ideas that empower decision makers to build an ecologically sustainable society. Interning at Worldwatch was a tremendous opportunity that allowed me to gain experience and understanding of functioning NGO’s, as well as having the opportunity to collaborate with highly respected individuals and senior researchers at the institute. Under the guidance of Robert Engelman, the Vice President for Programs, I was able to aid him in researching his topics of interest in varying fields, including population issues, family planning, and global warming, writing summaries, and graphing data to be used in reports. The culmination of my experience was to co-write a piece for Vital Signs, a Worldwatch annual publication which depicts key environmental and health trends by providing data, graphs, and analysis, with a fellow intern on the topic of global health aid from developed to developing countries. This was an invaluable experience to participate in the professional writing process and to have a piece of work published by a credible institution. Finally, being in Washington D.C. allowed me to experience the broader community and attend events and talks that dealt with issues relating to the goals and ideals of Worldwatch as a representative from the organization.