MHC Student Organic Garden Interns

Crystal Rain '10

My work in the MHC Student Garden was extremely gratifying. I was given the chance to design and implement my own ideas and designs. The knowledge I gained during this experience has enriched my studies while the skills I obtained are invaluable tools that I will continue to utilize throughout my life. Being a transfer student, I have limited time at MHC and this internship really gave me a way to form a personal bond with the campus and the community. I am very grateful that I got the opportunity to contribute to the Mount Holyoke legacy and leave my mark on the campus.

Reesha Katcher '10

I found it very rewarding to work in the MHC Student Garden, and contribute to the Mount Holyoke community at large. I think that this internship is a great opportunity for students who want to employ their classroom knowledge in a hands-on way, especially because it is so gratifying to see the literal fruits of your labor after so much hard work and planning! I especially liked how the responsibilities of the position were transitive to personal interests: even though the garden was hard work to build and maintain, it became a space that was conducive for student-led initiatives to flourish.

Right: Crystal Rain '10
Left: Reesha Katcher '10