The Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

Duration: mid-May through mid-August

Location: Millbrook, NY

Position Title:  Ecology Research Intern

Housing: Housing will be provided

For more info: The Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

Description:  The Cary Institute scientific staff conducts research on the cutting edge of ecological questions, including topics such as the relationship between biodiversity and human health, urban ecosystems, wetland ecology and climate change.  The intern will assist with field and lab studies and have the opportunity to conduct independent research, supervised by Dr. Shannon LaDeau.   The internship will also involve participation in organized activities to develop translational ecology skills.

Qualifications:  The intern should have some experience in ecological research techniques, as well as a strong interest in ecology.  Some of the field work may be physically demanding, so the intern should be able to hike, swim, and lift at least 35 pounds. The intern should be familiar with Excel and should be highly organized and able to deal with large amounts of data.

Funding: $3000, Available through the Miller Worley Center dispensed through the MHC UAF System.

How to Apply: Students must apply to this position through LyonNet by Midnight February 19th. Students must provide a resume, cover letter, and 3-page writing sample. These can be uploaded to LyonNet.

(Letters of Recommendation should be send directly to Danielle Van Over.)

About the Organization:
The Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies sits on 2000 acres of forests, fields and streams which serve as an outdoor laboratory for ecology research and education. The Cary Institute combines research and education in fulfillment of its mission to create, disseminate and apply knowledge about ecological systems. A society with a basic understanding of ecological systems and an appreciation of their role in the quality of human life is essential if a healthy environment is to be sustained. Please visit for more information.