Sarah Wentworth '11

Vermont Youth Conservation Corp (filmmaker) - Richmond, VT
Major: Critical and Social Thought

I wake up to the sounds of breakfast being made in the camp kitchen across the stream. I grab my camera, tripod and daypack from my tent and rock hop across the river.  This would be the start to a typical day as an intern for the Center for the Environment. With funding from this program, I have been able to try out my dream of being a freelance documentary filmmaker, producing a documentary about the Vermont Youth Conservation Corp, an organization that employs youth to restore recreational trails around the state of Vermont. As a participant in this program, I know that this experience can be a magical one. It can create a space unhindered by the outside world, filled with personal growth; laughter; and music that comes straight from the heart. My dream was to capture this in action and communicate its importance to the rest of the world. The Miller Worley Center for the Environment made this dream a possibility.