Research Internship on Science, Politics, and Power in Environmental Policy

Duration: 37.5 hours per week, for 10-12 weeks

Location: South Hadley, MA

Position Title: Research Intern

Housing: Housing can be provided on campus

For more info on : Professor Catherine Corson PhD

Position Description:
During the Summer 2012, the student will work with Professor Catherine Corson as a research intern on the politics and practice of international conservation. She will support two projects on: 1) the politics of U.S. foreign aid for biodiversity conservation in Madagascar, and 2) the 2010 10th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity. There is also a potential for future involvement in a project on the 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. The work would entail literature reviews of policy documents and scholarly publications, organization of electronic bibliographies and associated notes, manuscript editing, data transcription and organization, and qualitative content analysis of data.

The student will meet with Professor Corson weekly over the summer to review progress and refine the tasks. As part of these weekly meetings, the student will be asked to identify her learning goals for the summer, and the workload will be structured in part to help her meet these. She will be required to write a brief summary of her activities and how her goals were met at the end of the semester. This project could also feed into future independent study or honor’s thesis research.

Excellent research, writing, and computer skills. Dedication to accuracy, detail and methodical rigor. Interest in the politics of international conservation.

Funding: $3,000 (Arrangements can be made to have the cost of campus housing deducted from this fellowship.)
Available through the Center for the Environment Summer Leadership Fellowship Program; see application instructions.

Students must submit a resume and complete the MHC Universal Application. Resumes can be mailed to .