LEED Certified Buildings

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green building Rating System™, overseen by the U.S. Green Building Council, recognizes environmentally conscious building projects by using a specified list of qualifications.  In order to obtain certification, a building project acquires "points" in various categories including water and energy efficiency, sustainable site development, design innovation, and materials. Building plans are then rated on a system from Certified to Platinum.

Photo of Carr Laboratory
Carr was renovated during the science center project and includes environment-friendly features such as recycled flooring and energy-efficient windows.
Photo of Creighton Hall
Built in 2008, Creighton Hall is the newest Residence Hall on campus and meets LEED Gold Requirements.
Photo of Shattuck Hall
Built in 1932, Shattuck Hall was renovated in 2003 and now conforms to LEED standards as a green building.
Students on stairs near Kendade Hall
The heart of the unified science center, Kendade was completed in 2003 and conforms to LEED standards as a green buildling.
Image of external view of community center
Set to open in 2018, the new Community Center facility is designed and constructed to LEED Silver equivalent standards.