Meet the Eco-Reps

The Eco-Reps are enthusiastic student sustainability educators that focus on campus sustainability issues. Through Eco M&Cs, Eco-Hall events, whiteboards in the  dining halls, NewsFlush announcements, and Eco-Boards in the halls, we hope to inspire our fellow students to live more sustainably. We are knowledgeable about numerous topics such as recycling, energy use, and composting. Some of our recent activities include Eco-Orientation for new students, recycling through the TerraCycle chip brigade and organizing MHC’s War-of-the-Watts competition.

We operate under the umbrella of the Miller Worley Center for the Environment and also work closely with Dining Services, the Dean of Students, Residential Life, LITS, and the President’s Office. In collaboration with Facilities Management, Eco-Reps help students live green at MHC by providing students and staff with energy-efficient LED lightbulbs and recycling bins.

Please contact the Eco-Reps with questions or suggestions. 

Photo of Rebecca Parker ’21
“By teaching and encouraging others, we can broaden the environmental movement to become more diverse and inclusive towards all people.”
Mount Holyoke student, Kathy Hu
“Here we strive to promote a series of small steps in increasing environmental literacy in the Mount Holyoke Community to achieve our sustainable future.”
Kaila Goldstein ’22
“Together we can build a culture where a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of our lives drives our actions for justice and sustainability.”
“Our unique community has the opportunity to change how we think and how we act on environmental issues on and around our campus.”