Miller Worley Environmental Grants


The Miller Worley Center Environmental Grants program provides support to faculty and students engaged in teaching and research initiatives with an environmental focus. From developing new curricula to integrate into existing and new courses to faculty-student collaborative research projects to support for student research projects and conference travel, the grants aim to encourage innovative environmental research, cross-curricular collaboration and student training and leadership skills development. The center offers three distinct grants and proposals are submitted via the on-line application forms provided below. For more information, please contact each grant's respective administrator.

Faculty Curriculum Development Grants: The Miller Worley Center for the Environment (MWCE) supports faculty members from across the three divisions who are seeking to strengthen or introduce environmental or sustainability themes in their courses. Grants of up to $500 are available for adding a module to an existing course or up to $2000 for developing a new or substantially revised course. Modules or courses that incorporate the Campus Living Laboratory are encouraged. Two or more faculty members can also apply for $500 each to create linked courses that connect students in each class in meaningful shared work. This may be an assignment, sustained discussion, or joint class meetings. Eligible applicants are continuing teaching faculty of all ranks who will be teaching in Fall 2017 or Spring 2018.

     Application Form: Faculty Curriculum Development Grants

     Application Deadline: June 1, 2017.

     Information: Please direct questions to Director Catherine Corson (

Faculty-Student Summer Research Grants: The Miller Worley Center for the Environment provides short-term, summer support for environmentally-oriented faculty-student research in any discipline. Grants cover the wage costs for students to work as research assistants on faculty research projects. It supports projects that do not qualify for either MHC Connect/Lynk funding or the Dean of Faculty’s Research Assistance Grants. Like the latter, the tasks for which students are employed should have significant educational content and should allow the students to learn valuable research skills. Students hired under these grants should work full-time for less than 240 hours during the summer and cannot begin until the week after academic year and must end by the week prior to subsequent academic year starting. Students cannot be paid for work for which they simultaneously receive academic credit, and funds cannot be used to pay for students who have already graduated. The budget should be based on the current student wage as set by the Student Employment Office. Please note that 9% benefits must be added for all summer students.

Using the Faculty-Student Summer Research Grants Application Form, applicants should submit a description of what the research assistant will do, how it helps your research, what the assistant will get out of it, such as knowledge of research techniques, data for a future independent project, etc. The grantee is responsible for identifying and hiring the student(s) who will work on the supported project. Grants may be used only while the recipient is under contract to Mount Holyoke College and faculty who are not continuing at Mount Holyoke in the fall are not eligible. Research taking place within the Campus Living Laboratory is encouraged.

     Application Form: Faculty-Student Summer Research Grants

     Application Deadline: June 1, 2017.

     Information:  Please direct questions to Director Catherine Corson (

Student Research, Conference and Travel Grants: The Miller Worley Center for the Environment provides support for a wide range of Mount Holyoke College student activities and endeavors. It offers grants of up to $500 to students to conduct independent research (with a faculty supervisor), to participate in workshops and conferences or to organize on-campus education and outreach events. It does not support initiatives such as travel to and from MHC Connect/Lynk internships (this is covered through the MHC Connect/Lynk program), student research without a faculty sponsor, or advocacy campaigns. Requests for support must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event using the online Student Research and Conference Travel Grants Application For and must include a staff or faculty member sponsor.

     Application Form: Student Research, Conference and Travel Grants

     Application Deadline: Rolling

     Information: Please direct questions and comments to Senior Administrative Assistant, Meghan Siudzinski (