Project Stream Site Monitoring

Photo of a collection of water and sediment from Project Stream

Founded in 2012, The Restoration Ecology Program at Mount Holyoke College offers a one-of-a-kind experience for undergraduates to engage with the growing field of restoration ecology — starting with restoring a wetland above Upper Lake to improve the health of the College’s beloved lake system.  The real-life restoration project was named Project Stream.

Students, faculty and staff monitor several environmental features at the Project Stream site including soil and water quality, vegetation, including trees and invasive species, greenhouse gas emissions, climate, streamflow, and more.

View data from the Project Stream site

Long term Project Stream data is available on the Institutional Data Archive.

Photo of a weather station on top of the Clapp Laboratory

Weather Stations

Data from five weather stations is used in class lab projects and group projects by students for work on campus and by faculty for research.
Photo of students taking part in water monitoring

Water Quality & Monitoring

Data has been collected at various locations in the Stony Brook, Upper Lake, Lower Lake & the tributary stream to Upper Lake biweekly from 1996 to present.

Restoration Ecology Program

Photo of students in the Restoration Ecology lab

This interdisciplinary program is uniting students, faculty, staff, and community members to take the lead in reversing ecosystem degradation by advancing the science, practice, and social dimensions of restoration. Offerings include courses, events and a Summer Scholars program.