Greenhouse Gas Inventory

The College’s greenhouse gas emissions are tracked using the Sustainability Indicator Management and Analysis Platform, known as SIMAP, developed by the University of New Hampshire.

Chaart showing the greenhous gas emissions for fiscal year 2016 – 2018

MT eCO2: metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (other greenhouse gases are converted to the amount of carbon dioxide that have the same global warming potential).

Scope 1: direct emissions from campus operation - heat production, fleet fuel use, refrigerants and chemicals.

Pie chart depicting percentags of Scope 1 emissions.  Heat & hot water: 82%; Refrigerants & chemicals: 15%; Campus fleet: 3%

Scope 2: indirect emissions from sources that are neither owned nor operated by the College - purchased electricity (100%).

Scope 3: other emissions attributable to campus operation -  business travel, employee and student commuting, study abroad air travel funded by the College.

Pie chart depicting percentags of Scope 3 emissions. Communiting: 46%; Business travel: 46%; Study abroad: 8%