Vehicles Leaving Campus Roads

Driving or parking vehicles on pedestrian ways and unpaved areas:

  • Creates safety hazards for pedestrians
  • Limits access by persons with mobility impairment
  • Damages turf and other vegetation
  • Compacts the soil thereby negatively impacting tree health

Given these adverse impacts on campus safety and the environment, any vehicle that needs to drive off paved campus roads onto any pedestrian way or any non-paved surface, must receive permission from either the driver’s supervisor for college employees, or, for contractors, the college supervisor responsible for the work of the contractor.  Supervisors are responsible for evaluating the work to determine if it can be done without leaving paved roads, or to determine the least damaging route of access.  The Grounds Supervisor should be consulted if assistance is needed in evaluating access routes.

Parking on pedestrian ways and unpaved areas is only allowed in locations designated by Campus Police in consultation with the Grounds Supervisor for that purpose.  Service and construction vehicles should not be left on unpaved surfaces when not in use with the exception of equipment (e.g., cranes) which can not be readily moved.

Emergency vehicles may access areas using pedestrian ways and unpaved surfaces when warranted to protect the health and safety of the community.

Each department will develop necessary policies and procedures to implement this policy for all college vehicles, contractor vehicles, and personal vehicles being used for college business within their operations.