Green Revolving Fund

In 2015, the College established a Green Revolving Fund (GRF) to provide funding to implement energy conservation, renewable energy and other sustainability projects that reduce resource use and generate cost savings. The Green Revolving Fund takes funds generated through reducing expenditures to invest in sustainability measures. The GRF was started with the savings generated by the projects funded through the Mass College Green Initiative. The savings of funded projects are tracked and will be used to replenish the fund.

The GRF is an ideal mechanism to systematically invest in efficiency opportunities. To date, two energy efficiency projects have been funded by the GRF. In 2018, high pressure sodium lights in the Gorse parking lot were replaced with high efficiency LED (light emitting diode) fixtures, providing a significant cost savings, annual reduction of almost 98 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, less maintenance, and better light quality.  With the renovation of the Community Center, the GRF replaced the halogen theatrical lighting in the Great Room to LED lights which are brighter, faster, and use less power, with a greenhouse gas reduction of over 19 metric tons annually.

If you have suggestions for campus projects that reduce resource use and generate cost savings, email sustainability with your ideas.