Katherine Aidala

Katherine Aidala teaches all levels of physics to undergraduates, working to engage her students to promote the fundamental understanding of the material and appreciation for the relevant applications.

An electronics course she developed provides hands-on experience designing and building circuits in the lab. Another course that she teaches, Gender in Science, asks why aren't more women in science. Her first-year seminar, Science in the Media, looks at current events and explores what scientists are doing today, with weekly guest speakers and frequent student presentations. In all of her teaching Aidala emphasizes the process of science and the interdisciplinary nature that makes it relevant.

Aidala is also active in the public communication of science and in engaging the public in discussions on women in science, diversity and inclusive teaching practices. Her contributions include organizing SciTech Cafe, a community event designed to bring scientific concepts to a lay audience. Her research focuses on condensed matter physics and nanoscience.

Aidala was the 2009 Research Corporation for Scientific Advancement Cottrell Scholar. Her other awards include  the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers  and the National Science Foundation’s Faculty Early CAREER Development Award.

Aidala holds a bachelor’s degree in science from Yale University, and received both her master's and doctoral degrees from Harvard University.