These years have shown us a world tangled
between our fingertips,
a magic that exists around us
and within us.

These years were the flame that gave our sparks meaning;
the flint that created the bonfire
of our certainty.

Together, our voices are the loudest of thunders,
our bonds the strongest of metals,
our spirits the deepest of oceans.
Together, we saw magic born out of the shadows
of our former selves.

The music the trees make
when the leaves rustle in the wind,
the way the sun crisps each leaf in autumn
until they look like shriveled rainbows,
the way snow settles before uncovering
the greatest of miracles,
the way the greenhouse stays
like an enchanted forest
even on the coldest of days,
the way the sun sets over the antiquated observatory
when all the colors meld together
like the most marvelous Van Gogh painting.
We have learned from the flora and fauna,
the chaotic nature around us and within us.

How these years have turned strangers into siblings,
dreams into realities,
gave us exactly as much as we could handle and nothing more.
We all fought our battles knowing someone here had our backs,
meeting some of our best friends for the rest of our lives.

This is the magic we have learned from each other.

Our power is derived from our differences.
In a world where so many are so often misunderstood,
we see the beauty that exists within our individuality.
We know that our lifelines all look unique,
but our paths were destined to cross at this intersection.
Our voices represent not just our futures,
but the future of the world around us.
Our magic exists in the experiences and memories shared,
in the common moments,
the silent vigils and the deafening celebrations.

We are kindred spirits.
When we begin to look within ourselves,
there are puzzle pieces and glue
where broken hearts used to be.
Each piece has a name on it;
each name is a remedy
that has helped us to heal.
This love shared between us is a spiderweb glistening in the sunrise
after the storm has calmed.
We are born from the magic of perseverance.

It's the energy in the air,
the adrenaline pumping through our bodies,
the excitement racing into our nervous veins and arteries.

This room is a sanctuary and today is a memorial.
Today we are thankful.
Today we celebrate the last four years.
Today we are bigger than ourselves.
Today we become anew like the greenest of leaves on the first day of spring.
Today we meld like the colors of the sky
in the most beautiful of Van Gogh paintings.

We enter into a world ready to tell us our magic is not valuable.
We must be ready to prove them wrong,
to light up the sky with courage bright as stars,
to sing like a sparrow against injustice,
to give back to the earth that gave us each other.

We must be ready to prove them wrong,
to dance and sing and laugh
to fight and rally and be heard.
We are the pens with which the future is written.
We are mightier than any sword.

Because we are greater together.
We are powerful together.
We are magic together.