Shaheen Mistri

Shaheen Mistri grew up in five countries around the world, and returned to India when she was 18 to start The Akanksha Foundation. For 17 years, she worked with teachers and students, building Akanksha to provide 4,000 children from low-income communities the kind of education that would maximize their greatest potential. Today, Akanksha serves 6,500 children through their school project and after-school centres in Mumbai and Pune.

In 2008, Shaheen Mistri founded Teach For India, with the audacious vision of providing an excellent education to all children across India, through building a pipeline of leaders committed to ending educational inequity. Today, Teach For India directly impacts approximately 38,000 children across seven regions in India.

Shaheen Mistri is a governing council member on the Maharashtra International Education Board and she serves on the boards of The Akanksha Foundation and Simple Education Foundation. She has been an Ashoka fellow and is the author of the book, “Redrawing India: The Teach For India Story.”

She has a bachelor’s degree from St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai and a master’s degree from the University of Manchester.