Peer2Peer Workshop Evaluation

Note: these evaluations will be sent anonymously.

How satisfied are you with this workshop? 

  • 1=very dissatisfied
  • 2=dissatisfied
  • 3=neither satisfied or dissatisfied
  • 4=satisfied
  • 5=very satisfied
Some examples might be amount of time for the course, course materials, instructor/participant interactions, etc.

Teacher at the podium

Did the teacher at the podium speak clearly, give examples, slow down and repeat as necessary, ask questions to check your understanding and give helpful responses?

  • 1=very poorly presented
  • 2=poorly presented
  • 3=neutral
  • 4=well presented
  • 5=very well presented

Teacher on the floor

Was the teacher on the floor attentive and knowledgeable when you needed help?

  • 1=not very helpful
  • 2=not helpful
  • 3=neutral
  • 4=helpful
  • 5=very helpful


If this workshop required an assessment, what did you think about the assessment?
(Too easy, too difficulty, took too long, etc)

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