Hardware and Software

The software and hardware supported by the LITS Tech Help Desk and Library, Information, and Technology Services is carefully assessed, constantly evaluated, and chosen to meet the recommendations and needs of the user community. Also taken into consideration are each product's features, compatibility, price, reliability, upgrade path and vendor support.

You may choose to purchase other than supported products, but the Help Desk and LITS cannot guarantee assistance or support. It is best to consult with Community Technical Support (CTS) or Research and Instructional Support (RIS) prior to equipment or software purchases. Please call X-2600 and we will arrange for our purchasing and inventory specialist to meet or speak with you.

Discounted Software purchasing for personal use:

  • MHC students have free access to Office 365 for education.  Students can setup Office 365, a cloud based Microsoft Office Suite for education which includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Support for Office 365 is provided by Microsoft or in person at the LITS Tech Help Desk.  The LITS Tech Help Desk does not support Microsoft One Drive -- of course we are a Google campus and support the use of Google Drive. The LITS Tech Help Desk supports the core Office applications, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access (PC only). 

  • Current MHC students, faculty and staff can purchase a wide variety of software, including Adobe Creative Cloud at discounts via the MHC Software Hub.

  • Microsoft Office Home Use for MHC Faculty & Staff. See Microsoft Home Use Program webpage for download details. You will need a campus code, please email or call the LITS Helpdesk, x2600.

  • Office 365 Pro Plus is free to current students, fac/staff. The benefit allows for the full version download of MS Office on up to 5 devices owned by the end user. 
      • To keep the free license activated, the user needs to launch at least one Office application a minimum of once every 30 days. As part of the installation process, Office 365 ProPlus communicates with the Office Licensing Service and the Activation and Validation Service to obtain and activate a product key. Each day, or each time the user logs on to their computer, the computer connects to the Activation and Validation Service to verify the license status and extend the product key. As long as the computer can connect to the Internet at least once every 30 days, Office remains fully functional. If the computer goes offline for more than 30 days, Office enters reduced functionality mode until the next time a connection can be made. To get Office fully functional again, usually a user can simply connect to the Internet and let the Activation and Validation Service reactivate the installation. After users reconnect to the internet, their subscription status is verified, (using their mtholyoke.edu address) all the features are available again. The LITS Tech Help Desk supports the core Office applications, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access (PC only).
      • After 4 yrs from start date or upon leaving the College, the student/fac/staff will be given the option to renew their subscription for 4 years for $79.00 (Office 365 University) or terminate their subscription. If they choose to terminate, they will be able to continue to work up to the termination date; they are notified that their files will be changed to read-only access once the termination date occurs after which, they will not longer be able to download or edit their work.