USGTC Camps Canceled

We regret to announce the cancellation of USGTC camps for the summer of 2018. The last-minute cancelation is the result of the USGTC's delayed/missing application to South Hadley's Board of Health. Mount Holyoke College recognizes the deep inconvenience this will cause families and participants who were hoping to attend the camp.

Water Conservation, Quality and Assessment

Conservation Programs

Shrink Your Water Footprint
The ECO-Reps have launched a Water Conservation Campaign to reduce residence hall water use.

Quality and Assessment

Source Water Assessment and Protection Report for South Hadley Fire District No.2
South Hadley Fire District No. 2 report on the public drinking water system, land uses within the protection area, and the water protection recommendations.

2016 Annual Water Quality Report - South Hadley Fire District No.2 Water Department
South Hadley Fire District No. 2 annual report on drinking water qualit

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