Records Destruction

Confidential Records Destruction

In order to protect the College and individuals, many records at Mount Holyoke that can be discarded should be confidentially destroyed. These are records that contain personal information about an individual or individuals, including student academic records, faculty and staff personnel records, and alumnae biographical records, or they are Records of the Board of Trustees of the College, including any non-published materials by the Board in its day-to-day oversight of the institution. These records include, but are not limited to meeting agendas, meeting minutes, committee records, and correspondence. For policies regarding personal and confidential data, please see the Mount Holyoke College Information Security Plan.

Shredding is the best method for destroying paper records, but most office shredders do not destroy records adequately. The College has an agreement with InfoShred to provide confidential destruction of sensitive material. After clearing the destruction of records with the Head of Archives and Special Collections, please contact the Purchasing Coordinator at x2041 and arrange for a pick-up.

General Paper Records Destruction

General paper records and universal distribution paper records that have been determined by the Archives and Special Collection to be non-permanent may be disposed of in standard recycling bins.

Computer Workstations and Laptops

When computer workstations or laptops meet the end of their initial lifespan, currently 5 years, departments will be contacted by LITS. Data on the computers will be securely wiped or media destroyed following the guidelines of Massachusetts Data Privacy Law 201.

CDs and Flash Drives

When you need to dispose of CDs, flash drives, or other media, please contact LITS about destroying these devices. Simply deleting files may not fully destroy files on these storage devices.


For general questions about information destruction or what records to destroy, please contact the Archives and Special Collections staff.