Board Plan Dining Options

All full-time residential students are required to be on the 21-meal board plan and can dine in any open dining center for any meal.  Meals are provided in designated dining centers and Blanchard Café according to the posted schedule for meal hours.  All other students have the option of purchasing a meal plan—just contact the Dining Services Office at extension 2100 for more information.  Additionally, the 21-meal plan includes three (3) guest meal passes per semester, a Dining Dollar$ Account where a portion of the student’s board money each semester is made available for purchasing guest meals in any of the residential dining locations or any items in our cash operations: Blanchard Café and The Atrium Cafe.  Once those funds are depleted, students can use the MHCXpress option for these needs.  Unused portions of the Dining Dollars$ Account do not carry over from semester to semester.

All students have the option to open a MHCXpress Account, which is a prepaid debit account.  The student deposits money into this account which can be used to purchase guest meals, any items in Blanchard Café, items at participating Village Commons vendors, and for use in our vending machines for beverage, snack, laundry, and photocopying.   For more information about these accounts and other features of the All-Campus/ID Card, please contact the Auxiliary Services Office at extension 3111.

To help you better understand our different dining operations, a brief description is provided below.  Our meal hours and dining center descriptions can be found on our website under “hours of operation & location descriptions”.  Your board plan includes several dining options and services.  Please take a moment to review the variety of dining options available to you, and then enjoy dining with us!

  • All-You-Care-to-Eat or Unlimited Seconds Dining Centers whereby you swipe your ID card when you enter the dining center for the respective meal period and can return to our serving lines as many times as you want within that meal period.
  • Grab n’ Go Dining Center - The Atrium Café (Kendade) whereby you swipe your ID card for the meal period and can choose from a variety of menu items up to a designated total number of items.  This is a “one time through the line” dining option.
  • A la Carte or Cash Operation (Blanchard Café) is a dining location where all menu items are individually priced.  The customer chooses the items they wish to purchase and pays the total of those items.  On the student board program, there is a designated cash value (for example $7.50) in board dollars for each lunch and dinner meal period that a student gets to use.  Since this is counted as a meal, all items that you wish to include in that meal, need to be purchased at that time.  If your items total more than the designated amount, the difference will automatically be deducted from your Dining Dollar$ Account, and then when that is depleted, your MHCXpress Account.  You can also pay with cash.