What can the Employee Expect?

The employee can expect to receive a telephone call within two (2) days of receipt of the First Report of Injury if he/she has incurred lost time from work. The purpose of this call is to help determine the extent of the injury and any lost time that may be involved. At that time, the representative will explain the benefits to the employee and answer any questions which the employee may have regarding entitlement. If the claim is going to involve extended disability, the employee can expect to receive a visit from a claim's consultant. The purpose of that visit is to clarify the facts surrounding the accident and to again assist the employee in the administration of his claim.

In order to obtain medical information, it is necessary for the Service Company to obtain a medical authorization signed by the employee. In the case of no lost time accidents, this medical authorization will be mailed with a cover letter to the employee requesting his/her signature and returned to claims representative. The same applies to lost time cases. The information to be provided through the use of this medical authorization will relate to the work related injury only.