Records Transfers

Records of permanent administrative, legal, fiscal, and historical value are archival records and should be transferred to the Mount Holyoke College Archives and Special Collections, which serves as the depository of archival and historical materials. It has the trained staff and facilities to ensure the preservation, reliability, accessibility, and authenticity of permanent records over time.

Not sure if you have records that are eligible for transfer to the archives?
Request a records survey to find out! Contact the Archives & Special Collections staff or review the Mount Holyoke College Records Retention Schedule.

Is this the first time you are transferring records to the College Archives?
Contact the Archives & Special Collections staff so they can add you as a registered agent of the College authorized to transfer records. Once you have been confirmed and made a user by Archives staff, you simply log in to the records transfer system each time you wish to make an electronic records transfer. Follow the directions for using the transfer system here.

Have you transferred records to the College Archives previously and have a transfer agreement set up?
Go to the records transfer system, log in, and follow the directions to make a transfer. If you have any questions, please contact the Archives & Special Collections staff.

What types of records do you want to transfer?