Kendall Athletic and Recreation Facilities and Programs

You are encouraged to use the facilities and services offered by the Physical Education and Athletic Department of Mount Holyoke College.

In order to use the facilities or equipment, you will be required to present your College identification card.

Membership Qualifications and Costs:

  • All MHC employees may access the facilities without charge. 
  • Spouse/significant others membership will cost $150.
  • Children (16-26 years old) of benefits eligible MHC employees will cost $50.
  • Cards are valid for one year from date of purchase and must be renewed at the Kendall Complex Info Desk.

For more information, contact The Information Center at Kendall Hall (x2284) or visit Kendall Complex.

All of the detailed information which follows should be regarded as subject to revision by the Department of Physical Education at any time. However, the department's basic philosophy of encouraging maximum use of the physical education and recreation facilities, with the greatest convenience, safety and priority for the students, will not change.

Here are some facts, rules, and regulations you need to be aware of:

Reservations for Planned Recreation

Students, faculty, staff, and eligible card holders may reserve tennis, squash, or racquetball courts in advance or upon arrival at the courts. To reserve a court by phone call x2284. For advance reservations, call no more than two days before you plan to use the court.

Tennis, squash and racquetball courts may be reserved for a maximum of 11/2 hours. No member of a singles or doubles group may sign up for more than one period per day.

Grace Period: After a period of ten minutes allowed for latecomers, unoccupied courts will be available on a first-come/first-served basis.


The preservation of these excellent facilities for students, faculty, staff, and eligible card holders is maintained by tight security. For this to be successful, the complete cooperation of all bona fide users is needed.

The front door of Kendall Hall is the only entrance and only exit in use in the entire sports complex. All other doors are for emergency use only. Users are required to swipe their MHC OneCard at the Information Center while using the facility. Emergency doors will be equipped with alarms that will be activated if the door is opened. Emergency exit doors should be used only in case of a fire or the removal of an injured player. Users who breach security in any way will be subject to the suspension of their privileges.

Users who note security problems are urged to bring them to the attention of the Information Center.

Status of Sports Complex Users

  • Priority I Mount Holyoke students
  • Priority II Mount Holyoke faculty and staff, Mount Holyoke emeriti
  • Priority III Spouse/significant other and children aged 16-26 of Mount Holyoke faculty or staff and alumnae


All Mount Holyoke OneCard (faculty, staff, students) holders may bring up to one guest on each visit at no charge. Guests MUST be accompanied at all times by a valid MHC OneCard holder.

Off-Campus Groups

Use of Mount Holyoke's physical education facilities by off-campus groups during periods when they are not needed by members of the Mount Holyoke community is determined by the Department of Physical Education/Athletics. Rental fees vary depending on the date and time requested, duration or use, space desired, number of persons, purpose of the event, and the status of the requesting organization. For further information, contact Information Center at Kendall Hall Complex


The Information Center assigns lockers and keeps records of lock combinations. Lockers are available to MHC faculty, staff, and students on a first come, first served basis.