College Records

RG # Record Group (RG) Shelf #
RG 1 Five College Inc. LB2331.5.F5.A1
RG 2 Origins and Governance LD7080
RG 3 Board of Trustees LD7082
RG 4 Office of the President LD7082.2
RG 5 Office of the Treasurer LD7082.3
RG 6 Office of the Comptroller LD7082.4
RG 7 Administrative Offices LD7083.5
RG 8 Friends and Benefactors LD7084.8
RG 9 Auxiliary Services LD7085.2
RG 10 Catalogs, Registers and Directories LD7088
RG 11 Special Programs for Non-MHC Students LD7091.5
RG 12 Undergraduate Programs LD7091.51
RG 13 Scholarships and Fellowships LD7091.6
RG 14 Prizes and Honors LD7091.61
RG 15 Lecture Series LD7091.7
RG 16 Faculty Governance LD7092.2
RG 17 Staff Organizations LD7092.3
RG 18 Academic Departments and Programs LD7092.6
RG 19 Faculty and Staff Biographical Files LD7092.8
RG 20 History and Description LD7093.4
RG 21 Scrapbooks LD7093.6
RG 22 Mount Holyoke Journal Letters and Notebooks LD7093.62
RG 23 Students and Alumnae Statistical Records LD7093.8
RG 24 Buildings and Grounds LD7094
RG 25 Student Organizations Records LD7095.2
RG 26 Group Photographs LD7096.5
RG 27 Alumnae Biographical Files LD7096.6
RG 28 Alumnae Association Records LD7099.3
RG 29 MHC Missionaries Collection LD7093.8 M5
RG 30 MHC War Collection LD7093.8 W3
RG 31 Academies and Seminaries Collection LD7093.38
RG 32 Periodicals Periodicals
RG 33 Medals LD7093.65
RG 34 Class books, Freshman Handbooks, Yearbooks, Student Handbooks, and Alumnae Registers LD7096.85
RG 35 Conferences LD7098.5
RG 36 Ceremonies LD7097
RG 37 Distinguished Visitors LD7098.7
RG 38 Consortial and Conference Memberships LD7099.6
RG 39 Associated Schools LD7093.9
RG 40 Glass Plate Negatives and Lantern Slides LD7098.7
RG 41 Class Records LD7096.6
RG 42 Mount Holyoke College Memory Books Collections LD7096.8
RG 43 Mount Holyoke College Diplomas Collections LD7096.75
RG 44 Mount Holyoke College Films, Video Recordings, and DVDs Collection  
RG 45 Student Life Subject Files LD7095.2
RG 46 Mount Holyoke College Traditions Collection LD7095.6