USGTC Camps Canceled

We regret to announce the cancellation of USGTC camps for the summer of 2018. The last-minute cancelation is the result of the USGTC's delayed/missing application to South Hadley's Board of Health. Mount Holyoke College recognizes the deep inconvenience this will cause families and participants who were hoping to attend the camp.

Water Quality & Monitoring

Water quality monitoring data have been collected at various locations in the Stony Brook, Upper Lake, Lower Lake and the tributary stream to Upper Lake (Project Stream) on the Mount Holyoke campus biweekly from 1996 to present day.

The campus lake system has been identified as excessively high in certain nutrients, causing eutrophication in both Upper and Lower Lake. Through consistent water quality sampling by dedicated staff and the various student-faculty restoration efforts around campus, students are able to monitor the health of this important campus ecosystem and contribute high quality data to their own independent projects or coursework.

Long term water quality monitoring data including water temperature, dissolved oxygen content and turbidity is available on the Institutional Data Archive.