Global Insights Contest

We invite students who participated in study, internships, or research outside of their home country (including international students studying in the US) over the past year to enter the 2017 Global Insights contest.  Entries must be based on experiences that occurred after you entered Mount Holyoke.  We will award a $100 gift certificate to The Odyssey Bookstore for the best entry, and a $50 gift certificate to the bookstore for each of the two runners-up (limit one prize per student).  Photos will be displayed prominently on campus, including Rao's Coffee, and on our website.

Submit up to two photos capturing a powerful insight you had into the world around us.  Include the following information for each photo:

  • Your name, when and where you took the photo (e.g. interning in Uganda, summer 2016)
  • Title and description.  In the description (no more than 100 words), please describe how this photo reflects an insight or experience that has made you examine your own perspectives and beliefs or broadened and deepened your view of the world.

Selection will be based on the photo itself and the accompanying statement.  Enter your submission by midnight, October 15 2017.  We will unveil the winning photos during International Education Week November 13-17, 2017.


Entries will be judged on their ability to clearly depict the insight reflected in your narrative.


Images that work:

  • A moment that made you stop and think.
  • A moment of sudden insight or discovery (Aha!)
  • Learning or solving a problem or performing a task together with people from another culture
  • Striving for enhanced understanding and respect for diverse cultures and subcultures
  • Identity, diversity, pluralism, cultural heritage and creativity

Images that don’t work:

  • Landscapes
  • Tourist shots
  • Passive, unengaged subjects

If you submit a photo including a human subject (or subjects), we assume that you have obtained permission to photograph the person(s) depicted and to use the image in our contest. (Permission is not required for photos taken at public events.)

All entries will grant use rights to the College, which may use them on the MHC website, institutional publications, web-based media platforms, and for other promotional purposes.

Submit photos (use the highest resolution possible) and descriptions in digital format to Jenny Medina