Meet our consultants who keep the LRC running everyday! Between them, they have studied numerous languages, and are experienced in many softwares and technologies.

Victoria Guerra '19

Computer Science and Art History

I speak: English, Spanish, and Italian (un po)

I can help you with: MS Office, Skype, Screen Castify, and I’ll try to help you with anything else! 

Hobby: Watching Netflix while eating mac & cheese and cuddling with my dog. 

Fun fact: I taught kids how to code in Java this summer and it was a blast!

Nikole Giovannone '18

I am from: Sandy Hook, Connecticut

Major: Psycholinguistics

I speak: English and Italian

I can help you with: MS Office, Skype, Jing, Wiki, and more!

Hobbies: Art, reading, and watching the same 4 TV series over and over

Fun fact: I faced my fears and got my first tattoo this summer!

Xier Li '18

Major: Sociology & East Asian Studies

I speak: English, Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese

I can help you with: Microsoft Office, iMovie, Skype, and anything you need help with! 

I like: food, music, travel

Fun fact: I just came back from study abroad in Japan :)

Mariana Clark '20

Majors: International Relations & Economics

I speak: English, French, and elementary Malay

I can help you with: MS Office, Skype, website building, computer troubleshooting, and more!

Hobbies: Dancing, reading, and binge-watching shows on Netflix

Fun fact: I am a certified Rescue Diver!

Allison Pan '19

Mathematics and Philosophy

I am from: Ningbo, China
I speak: English and Chinese
I like working with: Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and basic technology stuff!
Hobbies: Oil painting, watch forensic shows and fiction movies, eat snacks, sleep
Fun fact: I can memorize the 333 digits of pi!

Francesca Dell’Acqua ‘20

Majors: International Relations and Environmental Studies

I speak: English, French, Spanish, and Italian 

Interests: Travelling, exercising, and listening to music 

I can help you with: Microsoft Office, Skype, Keynote and anything I know!

Fun fact: I do not like coffee but I love 100% dark unsweetened chocolate! 

Eleanor Harris  ‘20

Major: Prospective Computer Science

Minor: Prospective Politics

I speak: English and Elementary Italian

I can help you with: Microsoft Office, Skype, Google Hangout, iMovie, and troubleshooting.

Hobbies: Reading, petting dogs, and following politics. 

Fun fact: I have a German Shepherd named Luna whom I love very much.

Sophie Le '18


I am from: Vung Tau City, Vietnam
I speak: English, Vietnamese, elementary Mandarin Chinese
I like working with: Microsoft Office, Skype
Hobbies: trying new foods, editing food pictures, doing math problems, reading novels and watching series
Fun Fact: Wearing dresses helps elevate my mood during rainy days.

Cindy Yang '20

Major: Mathematics

Minor: Prospective Spanish

I speak: English, Chinese and Elementary Spanish

I can help you with: Microsoft Office, Skype, Google Hangout, just let me know if you need any help!

Hobby: Traveling, hiking, camping, and dancing!

Fun fact: I have studied in eight different schools so far in my life, I was an exchange student twice in my education.

Natalie Truong '19

Computer Science

I speak: English, Vietnamese, and basic French 
I like working with: Microsoft Office, Skype, iWork and troubleshooting
Hobbies:  Watching movies
Fun Fact: I have a lucky tree. Its flowers have 5 petals but whenever I did something great, I saw some flowers with 6 petals on it. I believe it gave me the luck.

Sarjana's profile picture

Sarjana Jaiswal '18

Major: Economics

Minor: Nexus in Global Business

I speak: English, Hindi, Spanish 
I like working with: Photoshop, Audacity, iMovie, Pages, Life Problems
Hobbies: Dancing, travelling, talking (a lot), watching crime shows
Fun Fact: If you list any 25 random items, I can repeat them in the exact same order!