Schools in the United States Associated with MHC

The following list identifies many of the institutions in the United States that are associated with Mount Holyoke College through alumnae who served as founders, principals, administrators, or teachers. This list is not comprehensive and does not include references to many alumnae educators who are still living. Information about some of these institutions is available in Archives & Special Collections, and is often available in files for individual alumnae in Record Group 27.1.

Brackets are used around the name of an institution when its official name is unknown. The "x" before the class designation for an alumna indicates that she attended but did not graduate from Mount Holyoke (because opportunities for higher education were so limited during the nineteenth century, many women found that even one year spent at Mount Holyoke prepared them for work as teachers). Whenever possible, the dates of each alumna's service are given.

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Abbot Academy, Andover, Massachusetts
Emma Taylor, Class of 1845, was principal from 1857-1859
Laura Watson, Class of 1871, was principal from 1892-1898

Adams Female Academy, Derry, New Hampshire
Emma Taylor, Class of 1845, was principal in 1860

Albert Lea College for Women, Albert Lee, Minnesota
Founded in 1884
First principal: Laura Watson, Class of 1871, who served until 1887

Nora Abbott (1886)
Clara A. Bliss (1888)
Katherine W. Palmer (1911)

American Kindergarten, New York, New York
Founded in 1861 by Emily Coe, Class of 1853, who was principal until 1877

Armour Institute, Memphis, Tennessee
Emily (Bowdoin) Armour, Class of 1849, was principal from 1863-1878

Atlanta University, Atlanta, Georgia

Anna M. Bishop (1864)
Lucy Elizabeth Merriam (x1856)
Amanda Chapin Scammell (x1862)

Avery Institute, Charleston, South Carolina

Mary Louisa Crowell (x1843)

Babson College, Wellesley, Massachusetts
Founded in 1919 as Babson Institute by Grace (Knight) Babson, x-Class of 1898, and her husband, Roger Babson
Name changed to Babson College in 1969

Baltimore Normal School, Baltimore, Maryland

Julia Bishop Ford (x1859)

Bates College, Lewiston, Maine
Elaine (Tuttle) Hansen, Class of 1969, was named president in 2002

Battle Creek School for Nurses, Battle Creek, Michigan
Katherine Sharp, x-Class of 1879, was principal

Beach Institute, Savannah, Georgia

Julia Bishop Ford (x1859)
Mertie L. Graham (1893)

Belle Prairie Seminary [for Ojibwa and half-breed children], Belle Prairie, Minnesota

Harriet S. Nichols (x1853)

Bennett College, Greensboro, North Carolina

MHC/Bennett Exchange, 1957/1964
1958: Marjorie Kaufman, English Dept.

Berkeley Institute, Brooklyn, New York
Ina Atwood, Class of 1904, was principal from 1913-1947
Mary-Susan (Morris) Miller, Class of 1944, was appointed headmistress in 1969

Bible Training School, Northfield, Massachusetts
Lillie Sherman, Class of 1880, was principal from 1891-1893

Binghamton Seminary, Binghamton, New York
Josephine Sturgess, Class of 1862, was principal from 1862-1868

Birmingham School for Girls, Birmingham, Pennsylvania
Nancy Davis, Class of 1856, was principal from 1857-1917

Bloomfield Academy for Chickasaw Females, Indian Territory, Oklahoma

Angelina Hosmer (x1850)

Brimmer and May School, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
Emily Thompson, Class of 1940, was headmistress from 1962-1970

Broaddus Institute, Clarksburg, West Virginia
Bertha Stout, Class of 1883, was president from 1895-1899

Brooklyn Heights Seminary, Brooklyn, New York
Mary Brigham, x-Class of 1849, was principal from 1863-1889

Bryn Mawr College
Nancy J. Vickers, Class of 1967, elected President, 1997

Cane Hill Seminary, Boonsboro, Arkansas

Laura Graham (1848)
Clara Allen (1872)
Josephine Griggs (1870)
N. Amanda Buchanan (x1857)
Susan Amelia Crawford (1857)
Laura S. Hitchcock (x1846)
Sarah Worcester (1850)
Esther P. Butler (1853)
Ermina Foreman (x1856)
Delia Vann (x1856)

Capital University, Columbus, Ohio

Justina M. Eich (1910)

Castleton Seminary, Castleton, Vermont
Mary Warren, x-Class of 1847, was principal of the primary department from 1849 until about 1852

Cayuga Academy, Aurora, NY

Elizabeth Eddy (x1853)
Catharine M. Porter (1852)

Cedar Crest College, Allentown, Pennsylvania
Pauline Tompkins, Class of 1941, was president from 1967-1978

Chatham Academy, Chatham, New York
Ellen French, Class of 1857, was principal from 1867-1878

Cherokee National Female Seminary, Tahlequah, Oklahoma (formerly Indian Territory)
Opened in 1851 at Park Hill, near Tahlequah
Founded by Sarah Worcester, Class of 1850, and Ellen Whitmore, x-Class of 1851
First principal: Ellen Whitmore
Harriet Johnson, Class of 1846, was principal in 1852-1853
Paulina Avery, Class of 1850, was principal from 1853-1855
Ella Noyes, Class of 1872, was principal from 1873-1875

Sarah Worcester (1850)
Ellen Whitmore (x1851)

Chester Dewey Elementary School, Rochester, New York
Edith Briggs, Class of 1908, was principal from 1934-1944

Clarke School for the Deaf, Northampton, Massachusetts
Caroline Yale, x-Class of 1870, was principal from 1886-1922

Clay Seminary, Liberty, Missouri
Founded in 1855 by Lucy (Ward) Love, x-Class of 1841, and her husband, James Love. She was principal of the home department

Cleveland Academy, Cleveland, Ohio
Opened 1848
First principal: Lucinda Guilford, Class of 1847, who served until 1881

Coe College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Mary J. Robinson (1869)

Colby College, Waterville, Maine

Grace E. Berry (1892)

College of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio

Jessie L. Willis (1908)

Colorado Women's College, Denver, Colorado
Marjorie (Bell) Chambers, Class of 1944, was president from 1976-1978

Cottey College, Nevada, Missouri

Dana Hall School, Wellesley, Massachusetts
Founded in 1881 by Sarah P. Eastman, Class of 1861, and one of her sisters, who were joint principals until 1899
Dorothy Waldo, Class of 1908, was principal from 1934-1938

Dearborn School, Chicago, Illinois
Alice L. Barnard, x-Class of 1856, was principal from 1871-1876

Demopolis High School, Demopolis, Alabama
Margaret H. Booth, x-Class of 1904, became the first principal in 1900

Denmark Academy, Grinnell, Iowa
Celestia (Kirk) Edson, Class of 1841, was principal of the female department from 1852-1878

Downer College, Fox Lake, Wisconsin
Mary Henry, Class of 1862, was president from about 1875-1879

East Maui Female Seminary, Hawaii
Samantha (Gilson) Bowman, x-Class of 1850, was principal from 1871-1874
Helen Carpenter, Class of 1855, was principal from about 1874-1892

Ely School, Greenwich, Connecticut
Founded in New York, New York, in 1886 as the Misses Ely School by sisters Sara Ely, x-Class of 1875, Elizabeth Ely, x-Class of 1880, and Mary Ely, x-Class of 1881.
Moved to Greenwich, Connecticut, in 1907. The sisters were principals of the school from 1886-1900. From 1900-1914, Elizabeth and Mary Ely were the principals.
The school closed in 1926 after the main building was destroyed by fire

English and Classical High School, Lynn, Massachusetts
Susan Boynton, Class of 1851, was principal from 1862-1877

[Female College], Harrodsburgh, Kentucky
Chloe M. (Bigelow) Harris, x-Class of 1850, was co-principal, 1869-1871

[Female Seminary], Elizabethtown, Ohio
Ellen Bartlett, Class of 1856, was principal from 1856-1859

[Female Seminary], Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Rebekah Browne, Class of 1840, was principal from 1841-1843

Fisk University, Nashville, Tennessee

Anna Margaet Cahill (1872)

Girls' High School, Brooklyn, New York
Rowena Keyes, Class of 1902, was principal from 1937-1943

Hallock Institute, Faribault, Minnesota
Angeline Hallock, x-Class of 1865, was principal from 1873-1877

Hartford College for Women, Hartford, Connecticut

Hartford Hospital School of Nursing, Hartford, Connecticut

Hayden Hall, Windsor, Connecticut
Founded in 1867 by Anna Francis and Julia Williams, both Class of 1867, as the Young Ladies Institute. Francis and Williams were the principals until the former died in 1896. Williams was principal until the school closed in 1902

Heidelberg University, Tiffin, Ohio

Mary I. Park (1891)

Herrick Home School, Amherst, Massachusetts
Founded in 1881 for "feeble-minded and backward children" by Josephine (Barton) Herrick, x-Class of 1854, and her husband, William Herrick. She was principal of the school at the time of her death in 1910

[Hillsboro School], Hillsboro, North Carolina
Founded in 1893 "for mountain whites" by Mary Morrison, x-Class of 1883

Holyoke Community College
see: Holyoke Junior College

Holyoke Junior College, Holyoke, Massachusetts

Home Mission School, Concord, North Carolina
Mary Morrison, x-Class of 1883, was president from 1889-1891

Hoover School, Paterson, New Jersey
Founded in about 1886 by Jane Hoover, Class of 1870, who was principal until 1920

Hopkins Academy, Oakland, California
Alice Dwinell, Class of 1872, was principal before 1876

Hopkins Grammar Junior School, New Haven, Connecticut
Helen H. Barton, Class of 1915, was principal from 1920-1943

Horton School, Oakland, California
Founded in 1884 by Sarah Horton, x-Class of 1865, who was principal until about 1920

Houghton Seminary, Clinton, New York
Founded in 1861 by Marilla (Houghton) Gallup, Class of 1846, and her husband, John Gallup

Ingham University, Le Roy, New York
Marilla (Houghton) Gallup, Class of 1846, was co-principal from 1855-1859 and principal from 1859-1860
Mary Brigham, x-Class of 1849, was principal from 1861-1862 and co-principal from 1862-1863
Emily Noyes, x-Class of 1846, was associate principal from 1867-1868

Ivy Hall, Bridgeton, New Jersey
Founded in about 1869 by Ada Howard, Class of 1853, who served as principal until 1875

Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth, Baltimore, Maryland
Elaine (Tuttle) Hansen, Class of 1969, became President in 2011

Jones School, Chicago, Illinois
Alice L. Barnard, x-Class of 1856, was principal from 1876-1891

Judea Female Seminary, Washington, Connecticut
Founded in 1846 by Mary Brinsmade, Class of 1846, who was principal until 1854

Emmeline M. Steele (x1846)
Harriet Landon (1847)

Judson Female Institute, Marion, Alabama
In a letter to Mary Lyon, dated Dec. 3, 1838, Milo Jewett discusses using the MH Seminary building as a model for the structure planned for Judson.

Keyport Young Ladies' Seminary, Keyport, New Jersey

Zoe A. M. Noyes (1859)

Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois
Adaline Hayes, Class of 1850, was principal of the academic department from 1856-1858
Ada Howard, Class of 1853, was principal of the female collegiate department from 1866-1867, and principal of the female seminary from 1867-1869
Amelia (Dickinson) Bangs, Class of 1844, was principal of the ladies department in 1873

Sarah Miller (1851)
Jane Everett (1852)

Kosciuszko School, Chicago, Illinois
Harriet (Paine) Johnston, Class of 1860, was principal from about 1883-1918

Ladies Collegiate Institute, Worcester, Massachusetts
Louisa Long, Class of 1853, was principal from about 1854-1857

Lake Erie College, Painesville, Ohio
Founded in 1847 in Willoughby, Ohio, as Willoughby Seminary
First principal: Roxena B. Tenny, Class of 1845, who served until 1854
Marilla Houghton, Class of 1846, was principal from 1854-1855
Name changed to Lake Erie Female Seminary and school moved to Painesville, 1856
Names changed to Lake Erie College and Seminary, 1898, and Lake Erie College, 1908
Lydia Sessions, Class of 1856, was principal from 1859-1866
Anna Edward, Class of 1859, was principal from 1866-1868
Mary Evans, Class of 1860, was president from 1868-1909
Vivian Small, Class of 1896, was president from 1909-1941
Helen Bragdon, Class of 1918, was president from 1941-1950

Blanche V. Small (1909)

Lancaster Industrial School for Girls, Lancaster, Masachusetts

Lucy Elizabeth (1886)

Lasell Junior College, Auburndale, Massachusetts

Locust Hill Seminary, Darien, Connecticut
Elizabeth D. Ward, Class of 1850, was principal in 1879-1880

Lowell Junior High School, Lowell, Massachusetts
Elizabeth Kennedy, x-Class of 1882, was principal from 1919-1929

Margaret Booth School, Montgomery, Alabama
Founded in 1914 by Margaret H. Booth, x-Class of 1904

Mary Lyon School, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
Founded in 1913 by Frances (Leavitt) Crist, Class of 1903, and her husband, Haldy Crist

Michigan Seminary, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Founded in 1867
First principal: Jeannette Fisher, Class of 1859, who served until 1879

Lucy Jane Beebe (1867)
Julia Esty (1859)
Lura E. Newhall (1864)
Jane W. Smead (x1865)
Fanny O. Guernsey (1865)

Mills College, Oakland, California
Continuation of a Mills Seminary in Benecia, California, which opened in 1852
Taken over by Susan Tolman Mills, Class of 1845, and her husband, Cyrus Mills, in 1865
Moved to Oakland in 1871
Name changed to Mills College in 1885
Susan Tolman Mills was president from 1884 until 1909
Barbara White, Class of 1941, was president from 1976-1980

Miss Harker's School for Girls, Palo Alto, California
Helen Lewis, Class of 1921, was academic principal from 1934-1935

Miss Howe and Miss Marot's School, Thompson, Connecticut
Day and boarding school for girls, founded by Malvina A. Howe, x-Class of 1868, in Dayton, Ohio, 1905.
Moved to Connecticut in 1913.
Howe and Mary Louise Marot were principals of the school.

Miss Scofield's Home School for Girls, Kerrville, Texas
Founded in 1909 by Sarah Scofield, Class of 1886

Miss Wright's School, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
Dorothy (Battles) Wright, Class of 1922, was co-director from 1924-1936

Mission School for Colored People, Washington, D.C.

Rebecca W. Mason (x1853)

Monmouth Junior College, Monmouth, New Jersey

Marjorie Rankin (1911)

Monson Academy, Monson, Massachusetts

Mary Louisa Crowell (x1843)

Monticello College, Godfrey, Illinois
Founded in 1835 as Monticello Female Seminary
Harriet Haskell, Class of 1855, was principal from 1867-1907
Name changed to Monticello Seminary in 1907
Harriet Congdon, Class of 1898, was principal from 1918-1935
Name changed to Monticello College in 1936

Emily G. Alden (x1856)

Mount Carmel, Hamden, Connecticut
Emma Dickerman, x-Class of 1874, was principal from 1881-1897

Mount Hermon Seminary, Clinton, Mississippi
Founded in 1875 for Afro-American girls by Sarah Dickey, Class of 1869, who was principal until 1904

Mount Vernon Seminary, Washington, D.C.
Jean Cole, Class of 1900, was headmistress from 1923-1938

Adelia F. Gates (1877)

National Cathedral School, Washington, D.C.
Katharine Lee, Class of 1925, was principal from 1950-1968

Neversink Seminary, Port Jervis, New York
Sabrina Jennings, Class of 1843, and Juliana Aldrich, x-Class of 1849, were principals from 1851-1862

[New Bedford Grammar School], New Bedford, Massachusetts
Julia Osgood, Class of 1847, was principal in the 1860s

Normal School, Fremont, Nebraska
Founded by Mary E. (Hayes) Jones, x-Class of 1852, and her husband, William Jones,
in 1884

North Granville Ladies' Seminary, North Granville, New York
Harriet (North) Dowd, Class of 1851, and her husband, Charles Dowd, were the principals from about 1860-1867

Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois

Mary E. Hayes (x1852)
Harrit E. Reed (1864)

Oak Hill Seminary, West Haven, Connecticut
Founder and first principal: Susan Arms, x-Class of 1840

Occidental College, Los Angeles, California

Mary J. Robinson (1869)

Olivet College, Olivet, Michigan

Emma C. Tucker (1896)

Onondaga Female Seminary, Syracuse, New York
Sarah Adams, x-Class of 1839, was principal from about 1848-1851

Oxford Academy, Floyd, Virginia
Chloe M. (Bigelow) Harris, x-Class of 1850, was co-founder; at school from 1875-1882, 1889-1898

Perkins School for the Blind, Watertown, Massachusetts
Elsie Simonds, Class of 1908, was principal of the girls' school from 1922 until about 1935

Mary J. Robinson (1869)

Polytechnic Elementary and Junior High School, Pasadena, California
Katharine Lee, Class of 1925, was principal from 1946-1950

Pomona College, Claremont, California

Grace E. Berry (1892)

Port Royal Agricultural School, Beaufort, South Carolina
Abbie M. Holmes, x-Class of 1879, co-founder.

Prairie High School, Mexico, Missouri
Founded in 1851 by Lucy (Ward) Love, x-Class of 1841, and her husband, James Love.

Prairie Home Female Seminary, Waterloo, Iowa
Founded in 1862 by Anna Field, Class of 1855, who served as principal until about 1902

Proctor Academy, Provo, Utah
Continuation of a school founded in 1883 by Emily Clapp, Class of 1881

[Putnam Seminary], Putnam, Ohio
Maria Hubbard, Class of 1851, was principal from 1854-1858

Rice Institute, Trinidad, Colorado
Laura Rice, Class of 1856, was principal from 1872-1876

Roberts-Beach School, Catonsville, Maryland
Founded in 1920 by Lucy Roberts, Class of 1908, and Sarah Beach, Class of 1911, who were co-principals until 1940

Rockford College, Rockford, Illinois
Mary Ashby Cheek, Class of 1913, was president from 1937-1954

Mary Louisa Crowell (x1843)

Rockford Female Seminary, Rockford, North Carolina
Nancy J. Speer, x-Class of 1855, was principal from 1854-1856

Saint Margaret's School, Tappahannock, Virginia
Viola Woolfolk, Class of 1943, was headmistress from 1950-1984

Saint Mary's Hall, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Margaret Robertson (1925)

Saint Mary's Hall, San Antonio, Texas
Katharine Lee, Class of 1925, was headmistress from 1940-1946
Joan (McGuire) Mellard, Class of 1955, was head of the school from 1979 until about 1985

Saint Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota

Dorothy McCall (1948)
Vicki Harper (1967)
Susan Hill (1967)
Barbara Loeb (1972)

San Luis Open Air School, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Sara Coolidge, x-Class of 1883, was principal from 1917-1923

Santa Rosa Seminary, California
Founded in 1877 by Ada Chase, Class of 1857, and her sister. Chase was assistant principal until 1881

Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, New York
Alice (Stone) Ilchman, Class of 1957, was elected president in 1981

Schonfield Normal and Industrial Institute [Washington, D.C.?]

Julia Bisop Ford (x1859)

School in Rose Valley, Moylan, Pennsylvania
Founded in 1929 by Grace Rotzel, Class of 1913, who was principal until 1966

Scofield Home School for Girls, Kerriville, TX
Founded in 1909 by Sarah C. Scofield, Class of 1886

Scotia Seminary, Concord, North Carolina

Martha H. Clary (x1864)

Scudder School, New York, New York
Mary Scudder, Class of 1909, was principal from 1919-1924

Simmons College, Boston, Massachusetts

Jane L. Mesick (1909)

Spelman College, Atlanta, Georgia
Florence Read, Class of 1909, was president from 1927-1953

State Normal School, Genesco, New York
Mary Noyes, Class of 1872, was principal from 1882-1885

Straight University, New Orleans, Louisiana

Mary J. Robinson (1869)
Anna E. Sawyer (868)

Talladega College, Talladega, Alabama

Anna M. Bishop (1864)

Teachers Training School, Galesburg, Illinois
Frances Taylor, Class of 1873, was principal from 1888 to about 1930

Temple Grove Seminary, Saratoga, New York
Founded in 1868 by Harriet (North) Dowd, Class of 1851, and her husband, Charles Dowd, who were the principals until about 1898

[Tent School], Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Founded in June 1889 by Martha (Newton) North, Class of 1875, and her husband, Hoyt North

Thorsby Institute, Thorsby, Alabama
Helen Jenkins, Class of 1906, was principal from 1917-1957

Tougaloo College, Tougaloo, Mississippi

Helen Griffith (Faculty)
H. Louisa Lane (1862)
Mary H. Scott (1872)
Mary Electa Smith (1871)

Tower School, Salem, Massachusetts
Helen Runnette, Class of 1909, was principal from 1917-1937

University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas

Laura A. Rice (1856)

University of Oregon
Mary P. (Boies) Spiller, Class of 1850, was principal of the preparatory department from 1877-1887

University of Rochester College for Women, Rochester, New York

Helen D. Bragdon (1918)

University School for Girls, Chicago, Illinois
Outgrowth of a private school founded by Anna Haire, x-Class of 1882

Walker Missionary School, Auburndale, Massachusetts
Founded by Eliza (Harding) Walker, x-Class of 1847

Washburn College, Topeka, Kansas
Mary E. Barber (1858) was an assistant in charge of the Young Ladies' Department from 1869-1871

Washington DC Junior College, Washington DC

Mary T. Scudder (1909)

[Washington Seminary], Washington, D.C.
Rebecca Dickson, x-Class of 1872, was principal from 1902-1903

Waukegan Academy, Waukegan, Illinois

Emily A. Scott (1852)
Hannah C. Scott (1848)
Martha C. Scott (1845)

Webber College, Florida
Founded in 1927 by Grace (Knight) Babson, x-Class of 1898

Wellesley College, Wellesley, Massachusetts
Founded in 1870 as Wellesley Female Seminary by Henry Durant, a Mount Holyoke trustee
Name changed to Wellesley College in 1872
Opened for post-secondary education in 1875
First principal: Ada Howard, Class of 1853, who served until 1882

West Walnut Street Seminary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rebecca Dickson, x-Class of 1872, was principal from about 1895-1901

Western College for Women, Oxford, Ohio
Founded in 1853 as Western Seminary
First principal: Helen Peabody, Class of 1848, who served until 1888
Name changed to Western College and Seminary for Women in 1894
Name changed to Western College for Women in 1904

Naomi Diament (x1856)
Emily Jessup (1847)

Westport School for Child Development, Los Angeles, California
Founded in 1965 by Marion (Moody) Esty, Class of 1954, and her husband, Ted Esty

Wheaton College, Norton, Massachusetts
Founded in 1834 as Wheaton Female Seminary; opened in 1835
Established by the Wheaton family with the guidance and advice of Mary Lyon, who helped plan the curriculum, develop regulations, hire teachers, and design a residential building
Margaret Mann, Class of 1842, was principal from 1848-1850
Name changed to Wheaton College in 1912

Eunice Caldwell

Winchester-Thurston School, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Jacqueline (Parker) Clement, Class of 1952, was elected head in 1982

Winthrop College, Rock Hill, South Carolina

Mary T. Scudder (1909)

Wisconsin Female Seminary, Fox Lake, Wisconsin
Mary Crowell, x-Class of 1843, was principal from about 1863-1871

Wisconsin State School for Blind, Janesville, Wisconsin

Susan A. Watson (1858)

[Yonkers School], Yonkers, New York
Founded in 1877 by Kalista (Thayer) White, x-Class of 1860, who was principal until 1891