Statement of Understanding

All information contained in the administrative database software of Mount Holyoke College represent official college records and are the property of the College. The databases were developed to support the purposes of the institution, and are considered confidential.

College policy prohibits the sale or sharing of any information contained in its administrative database software to an outside party. Information should never be released for political or commercial purposes. .

Stewardship of the data is defined as that part of the database for which a department is responsible, i.e. provider of the information, maintainer of said information and deleter of said information. The data is the property of the college and will only be used for department and college purposes.

All users of administrative database software will adhere to the College's policy regarding data security and confidentiality as well as Federal and State laws. Users have a responsibility for understanding the purpose of the data they access. This data will only be used to support their normal departmental and institutional duties. Users will, at all times, respect the confidentiality of the data. Failure of individuals to adhere to the issues of confidentiality and/or legality as outlined, will result in disciplinary action up to and including possible termination of employment.

Where more than one department is involved, permission must be obtained from the primary steward department for use of that data whether it be printed, file transfer or on-line access. Accepting access to any data is accepting responsibility for adherence to the policies and guidelines governing that data. Data may not be reproduced and/or distributed without first obtaining permission from the responsible department head. Users are responsible for the protection and confidentiality of all data they come in contact with, regardless of where that data may be stored. Users are responsible to remove or secure information they have downloaded from administrative database software. Careful attention by users needs to be paid to FERPA standards applied to individuals within our software.

Users are responsible for securing their individual passwords thereby restricting unauthorized access to administrative systems. Users will also comply to the standards for constructing a secure password. Each user will have ultimate responsibility for any activity taking place under their password, and should take every precaution to prevent another individual's use of that password. The department liaison should notify the appropriate security officer when an employee terminates their employment or if a breach of security is suspected.

All requests for data should be in writing (email accepted), with the purpose or use of the data requested clearly stated. A sample of the form for this purpose is included in this document. All data released in response to a request must be accompanied by the policy statement which reads as follows:

Information requested is for official College and/or Alumnae Association business and is to be used only within established policies and guidelines.

All official College and/or Alumnae Association questionnaires should be accompanied by the general policy statement that the information will be used for official College and/or Alumnae Association business and not be shared with or sold to an outside party. Questions pertaining to information which is optional by law, must be clearly indicated.

When data is shared with other institutions, as in questionnaires for institutional research, the data should be general enough as to not identify the individual of record. In cases where someone must be identified, the individual department head or steward of the data must accept responsibility for release of that information.

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I have read the above POLICIES AND GUIDELINES FOR ADMINISTRATIVE SOFTWARE and by my signature below agree to adhere to the processes to protect the confidentiality and proper use of college data. I also understand that failure to adhere to the issues of confidentiality and/or legality as outlined, will result in disciplinary action up to and including possible termination of employment.

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