Student Diagnostic Center

MHC Student? Computer Problems?
We can help you with:

  • Virus scans and virus cleaning
  • Malware and spyware problems - pop-ups, browser re-directs, or fake antivirus messages
  • Network connection troubleshooting
  • File recovery
  • System restores (with appropriate media and licenses)

Location and Hours

  • The Student Diagnostic Center is located on the fourth floor of the Library in room 422, just down the hall from the Information Commons.
  • Open Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm, and by appointment.
  • The Student Diagnostic Center may not be able to complete same day repairs on computers brought in after 2pm
  • Computers may be dropped off as early as 8am most days.

Bring your power cord! – we are unable to perform work with a computer running on battery.  Students must sign a waiver form before work begins.

"Best Effort" Service

With "Best Effort" service our Student Diagnostic Service Consultants will attempt to provide Mount Holyoke College students with guidance and assistance for non-hardware related computer problems. In some cases the consultants may not be able to resolve your problem and may refer you to your manufacturer's technical support or to a certified computer repair business.

We do not work on any peripherals including printers, scanners, or cameras. We would be happy to assist in finding the appropriate contact information for repair shops or manufacturer-provided support services.