Fines and Bills

  • An overdue notice is sent via email to the borrower when an item is overdue.
  • A second overdue notice is sent if the item has not been renewed or returned.
  • If a book is not returned or renewed within 28 days of its due date (5 days for Films, 7 days for Media Equipment, 14 days for CDs), the borrower is billed for the replacement of the item.  The average bill is $85 per item but there are exceptions for more expensive items such as equipment or films.
  • If the billed item is returned, replacement charges and processing fees are waived. Exceptions to refunds include any billed item returned 2 years after the original billing date or items that had to be repurchased for the collection immediately.
  • If a reserve item is not returned within 24 hours after it is due, the patron is billed for the cost of the item and a $25 processing fee. The average bill is $85 per item.
  • Recalled items must be returned by the date specified on the recall notice, not by the original due date. Recalled items are billed $2 per day until the item is returned.  Check your account online frequently.
  • When an item is damaged beyond normal wear and tear, the library will evaluate the condition and bill the patron to cover repair or replacement of the item.
  • Unless specifically noted below, the library will not accept personal copies as replacements.
  • Do you have questions or concerns about a fine or bill?  Please feel free to use our Mount Holyoke Fines Appeal Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 
Item Circulating Time Fines Bills
Laptops 3 hours $10 per hour. Fines are not pro-rated into fractions of hours.


$1250-MacBook Pro

Leisure Film Collection 3 days

No daily overdue fee.

$85 or personal replacement accepted
Teaching Film Collection 5 days

No daily overdue fee. 


$95 or cost of the item
Media Equipment 3 days

$10 per day.


Cost of replacement
Books 28 days

No daily overdue fee.     

$85 replacement cost.  This consists of a standard $60 book replacement charge and a $25 processing fee.
Recalled Items Any item can be recalled at any time for reserve or another patron $2 per day Recall fine will cap at $30 with an additional $10 late fee
Reserve Items including: Books, films, headphones, laptop cords, etc 3 hours $5 per hour and $1 for every additional hour. Fines are not pro-rated into fractions of hours. Reserve fine will cap at $30 with an additional $10 late fee
Music CDs 5 days

No daily overdue fee.