Schools Abroad Associated with MHC

The following list identifies many of the institutions outside of the United States that are associated with Mount Holyoke College through alumnae who served as founders, principals, administrators, or teachers. Mount Holyoke is associated with schools in: Africa, Argentina, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Greece, Hawaii, Hong Kong, India, Iran (Persia), Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Puerto Rico, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey

This list is not comprehensive and does not include references to many alumnae educators who are still living. Information about some of these institutions is available in the Archives, and is often available in files for individual alumnae.

Additional information is available from the Alumnae Office at Mount Holyoke College, Mary Woolley Hall, South Hadley, Massachusetts 01075 (413) 538-2303.

Brackets are used around the name of an institution when its official name is unknown. The "x" before the class designation for an alumna indicates that she attended but did not graduate from Mount Holyoke (because opportunities for higher education were so limited during the nineteenth century, many women found that even one year spent at Mount Holyoke prepared them for work as teachers). Whenever possible, the dates of each alumna's service are given.

"The Girls School house at summer camping ground" Biltis, Turkey
From the Charlotte and Mary Ely Papers, MS 0631

Africa (including South Africa)

Ahfad School for Girls, Sudan
Harriet Williams (1936) was co-founder of the school in 1965

Bloemhof Girls' High School, Stellenbosch, South Africa
Founded in 1875 as Bloemhof Seminary
First principal: H. Juliette Gilson, Class of 1868, who served until 1884
Carrie Ingraham, Class of 1875, was acting principal in 1880-1881 and principal from 1885-1886
     Mary T. Farnham (1868)
     Virginia G. Sloane (1872)
     Sarah J. Lester (1876)
     Evelyn Metcalf (1879)

Huguenot College, Wellington, South Africa
Founded in 1874 as Huguenot Seminary by Abbie Ferguson, Class of 1856, and Anna Bliss, Class of 1862
Reorganized as a college in 1898
Part of the University of South Africa
Abbie Ferguson, the first principal/president, served until 1910
Anna Bliss was president from 1910-1920
     Angeline L. Steele (x1858)
     Annie Maria Wells (1867)
     H. Juliette Gilson (1868)
     Theresa M. Campbell (1869)
     Minnie F. Bailey (1874)
     Abbie L. Sweetser (1874)
     Carrie E. Ingraham (1875)
     Martha C. Newton (1875)
     Mary E. Cummings (1876)
     Mary E. Landfear (x1877)
     Mary O. Preston (1879)
     Anna M. Cummings (1883)
     May L. Hunt (1885)
     Sarah R. Cummings (1886)
     Margaret E. Ferguson (1886)
     Lulu F. Bliss (1891)
     Caroline E. Frost (1894)
     Vernette L. Gibbons (1896)
     Susan B. Leiter (1899)

Inanda Seminary, Natal
Fidelia Phelps, x-Class of 1885, was principal from 1884-1930

Manual Training School, Mt. Selinda, Rhodesia
H. Juliette Gilson, Class of 1868, was principal from 1896-1902
     Helen Everett (1917)

Melsetter School, Southern Rhodesia
H. Juliette Gilson, Class of 1868, was principal from 1902-1914

Midland Seminary, Graaf Reinet, South Africa
Founded in 1876
First principal: Sarah Thayer, Class of 1860, who served until 1881
     M. Theolotia Ruggles (x1876)
     Addie L. Reed (1878)
     Elizabeth Post (1881)

Mount Silinda School: see Manual Training School

Prospect Seminary, Pretoria, South Africa
Founded in 1877
First principal: Susan M. Clary, Class of 1863, who served until 1878

Swelldam Seminary, South Africa
Founded in 1877
First principal: Martha C. Newton, Class of 1875, who served until 1882

Umzumbe Home, Natal
Founded in 1870 by Laura (Nichols) Bridgman, Class of 1856, and her husband, Henry Bridgman
H. Juliette Gilson, Class of 1868, was principal from 1884-1887

Worcester Seminary, South Africa
Founded in 1876
First principal: Ellen Smith, Class of 1873, who served until 1888


[Normal School], Mendoza
Founded in 1878 by Sarah Boyd, x-Class of 1863


Asian University for Women, Chittagong
Fahima Aziz, Class of 1979, named Vice Chancellor in 2012


Samokov School: see Sofia American School

Sofia American School
     Elizabeth C. Clarke (x1889)


Acadia Seminary, Wolfville, Nova Scotia
Founded in 1858 in Berwick, Nova Scotia, by Alice Shaw, Class of 1857, who was the principal.
Moved to Wolfville in 1860

Berwick Seminary for Young Ladies, Berwick, Nova Scotia
First principal: Anna Field, Class of 1855, who served until about 1856

Demill College, Oshawa, Ontario
Abbie B. Howland, Class of 1876, was principal from 1894-1900
     Mary S. Eaton (1876)
     Harriet A. Hinman (1876)
     Mary A. Sawyer (1879)
     Mary L. Warner (1879)

Normal School, Freemont, New Brunswick
Founded by Mary (Hayes) Jones, x-Class of 1852, and her husband, William Jones

Standstead Wesleyan College, Standsead, Quebec
     Helen F. Giles (1871)

Young Ladies' Seminary, St. John, New Brunswick
Ariana Hunt, Class of 1869, was principal from 1869-1876


Bridgman School, Shanghai
Katherine Abbey, Class of 1910, was co-principal from 1911-1918
Ann G. Hall, Class of 1910, was co-principal from 1911-1920
Amy Holway, Class of 1917, was principal from 1922-1923
     Marguerite Dodds (1913)
     Ruth C. Savage (1913)
     Ruth E. Higgins (1916)
     Amy R. Holway (1917)
     Muriel Wood (1919)

Canton Christian College: see Lingnan University

Ginling College, Nanking
Founded in 1913
First president: Matilda (Calder) Thurston, Class of 1896, who served until 1928
     Harriet M. Cogswell (1922)

Hackett Medical College, Canton
     Harriet M. Allyn (1905)

Lingnan University, Canton
     Yau Tsit Law (1916)

McTyeire School, Shanghai
     Grace Yang (1918)

Nankai University Experiment School, Tientsin
     Marjorie Rankin (1911)

North China American School, Tunghsien, Chihli
     Mary L. Beard (1905)

North China Union Medical College for Women, Peking
     Minnie Stryker (1894)

Oldham Hall Anglo-Chinese School, Singapore
     Marie Augusta Mulligan Oldham, x-Class of 1887

Peking Union Medical College, Peking
     Susan Reed (1907)

Suzhou No. 10 High School
Chi Nyok Wang, Class of 1916, was headmaster from 1926-1959

True Light Primary School, Canton
Yaw Tsit Law, Class of 1916, was principal from 1928 until about 1938

Tsung Hua School, Soochow
     Chi Nyok Wang (1916)

Tungchow Girls School
Alice Browne, Class of 1900, was principal from 1905-1912

West China Union University, Chengdu
     Sara Boddie Downer (1918)

Yenching University [Woman's College of Peking University], Peking
     Alice Browne (1900)


American College of Greece, Athens
     Annie Pinneo (x1899)
     Nina L. Hartin (1918)
     Lilliam M. Mansfield (1922)

American Farm School, Salonica
Anna (Kellogg) House, Class of 1912, was principal of the academic department from 1923 until about 1955


East Maui Female Seminary, Makawao, Maui, Hawaii
Helen E. Carpenter, Class of 1855, was principal from 1871-1892
     Fanny P. Andrews (1879)
     Samantha W. Gilson (x1850)
     Martha A. Perry (1861)
     Mary A. Wilson (1862)

Kawaiahao Seminary, Honolulu, Hawaii
Helen Norton, Class of 1863, was principal from 1880-1884

Punahou School/Oahu College, Honolulu
     Susan L. Tolman (1845) [Oahu Coll.]
     Abigail C. Baldwin (x1855)
     Caroline P. Armstrong (1851)
     Martha A.J. Chamberlain (1853)
     Mary L.S. Dame (1870) [Oahu Coll.]
     Mary Ella Spooner (1872)

Hong Kong

Christ College for Girls, Kowloon
Founded by Yaw Tsit Law, Class of 1916, who was principal from 1953-1955


American Mission Girls' School, Ahmednagar
     Katie Fairbank (x1879)
     Julia Bissell (x1882)
     Emily R. Bissell (x1883)
     Edith Reed (1901)
     Edith Gates (1902)

Capron Hall Girls' High School and Training School, Madurai
Katie Wilcox, Class of 1911, was principal from 1921-1947

Lady Doak College, Madurai
Founded in 1948 by Katie Wilcox, Class of 1911, and others

St. Christopher's Training College, Madras
NOTE: This is a Daughter College of Women's Christian College, Madras
     Alice B. Van Doren(1903)

Union Missionary Medical School, Vellore
     Ida B. Scudder (1925)

Vidyodaya Girl's High School, Madras
Founded in 1924 by Mrs. E.S. Appasamy
Her daughter, Vimala Appasamy, Class of 1931, was principal from 1936-1965

Women's Christian College, Madras
Eleanor Mason, Class of 1919, was principal from 1948-1952
     Alice B. Van Doren (1903) [St. Christopher's]
     Edith M. Coon (1913)

Woodstock School/Woodstock Seminary, Landour and Mussoorie
Eliza J. Foster, Class of 1852, was principal from 1877-1892
     Mary E. Bailey (1884)
     Clara C. Giddings (1884)
     Effie V. Hallock (x1887)
     Hettie E. Scott (1879)
     Clara G. Williamson (1872)

Iran (formerly Persia)

Fiske Seminary, Orumiyeh
Founded in 1843
Founder and first principal: Fidelia Fiske, Class of 1842, who served until 1858


Baika Gakuen, Osaka/Toyonaka/Ibaraki
     Mary E. Gouldy (x1868)

Bunka Gakuin, Tokyo
Aya (Nishimura) Ishida, Class of 1931, was president. in the 1960s-1970s

Doshisha Women's College, Kyoto
     Virginia A. Clarkson (x1874)
     Anna Y. Davis (1874)
     Fanny E. Griswold (1887)
     Esther L. Hibbard (1924)
     Cora F. Keith (1896)
     Grace W. Learned (1899)
     Catharine B. Pedley (1926)
     Ida V. Smith (1883)

Fukuoka Girls School
Elizabeth Lee, Class of 1910, was principal from 1914-1924

Kobe College
Virginia Clarkson, x-Class of 1874, was principal from 1880-1883
     Martha J. Barrows (x1864)
     Olive S. Hoyt (1897)

Kyoaigakuen Girls’ High School, Gummaken
     Fanny E. Griswold (1887)

Matsuyama Girls' School, Matsuyama
     Olive S. Hoyt (1897))
     Katharine Merrill (1917)

Orlinda Childs Pierce Memorial School, Matsuyama
Olive Hoyt, Class of 1897, was principal from 1913-1942

Sanyo Girls' School, Okayama
Yoshi Kajiro, Class of 1897, was principal from 1898-1959

The Woman's Christian College of Japan, Tokyo
     Louise F. Jenkins (1911)
     Louise H. Dunlop (1920)


Ewha College, Seoul
     Jessie L. Willis (1908)


Syrian Protestant College, Beirut
     Ella T. Bray (1883)

Persia: see Iran

Puerto Rico

Blanche Kellogg Institute, Santurce
     Harry C. York (MHC Faculty)


Colegio Internacional: see International Institute for Girls in Spain

International Institute for Girls in Spain
Opened in Santander, 1876; moved to San Sebastian in 1882, then Madrid, 1903
Founded by Alice (Gordon) Gulick, Class of 1867, and her husband, William Gulick
     Mary L. Page (1870)
     Catharine H. Barbour (1887)
     Alice H. Bushee (1891)
     Bertha C. Bidwell (1897)
     Eva B. Gay (1901)
     Elsie Brown (1908)
     Louise B. Hoyle (1908)
     Marjorie A. Wheeler (1908)
     Rebekah Wood (1909)
     Margarita Wright (1912)
     Ada M. Coe (1913)


Progressive College in Geneva: see Geneva College for Women

Geneva College for Women
Founded in 1929
Alice Mildred Burgess, Class of 1910, was co-founder and director until about 1937


Wesley Girls' High School, Taipei
Chi Yi Chen, Class of 1931, was principal from 1957 until about 1981


American College for Girls, Istanbul
Founded in 1871 as the Constantinople Home School for Girls
Clara Pond, Class of 1857, was principal from 1875-1883
     Cora A. Welch (1859)

American Collegiate Institute for Girls, Smyrna
Mary Lyon Page, Class of 1870, was principal from 1882-1886
     Flora P. Sterns (x1871)
     Florence E. Griswold (1891)
     Annie Pinneo (x1899)

American School for Girls, Monastir
     Mary L. Matthews (x1885)

Anatolia College and Girls' Boarding School, Marsovan
Founded in 1865 as Marsovan Boarding School for Girls
Founder and first principal: Anna E. Fritcher, Class of 1857, who served until 1893
     Flavia Bliss (1863)
     Frances E. Washburn (1869)
     Mary I. Ward (1897)

Armenian Girls' High School, Adapazari
     Mary C. Fowle (1903)
     Susan C. Hyde (1888)
     Ruth E. Razee (1902)

Central Turkey Girls' College, Marash
Ellen Blakely, Class of 1881, was president from 1892-1922

Girls' High School, Mardin
Founded in 1868 by Olive Parmelee, Class of 1861

Girls' Seminary, Marsovan: see Anatolia College and Girls' Boarding School

Huntington Kindergarten and Training School, Smyrna
Founded by Cornelia S. Bartlett, x-Class of 1880, in 1896

Monastir American School for Girls
Mary Matthews, x-Class of 1885, was principal from 1909-1920

Mount Holyoke in Kurdistan, Bitlis
Founded in 1868
Founders and first principals: Charlotte and Mary Ely, Class of 1861. Mary served until her death in 1913; Charlotte, until 1915

Talas Girls School, Izmir
Founded in 1872 by Cornelia (Barrows) Bartlett, Class of 1856

Van Girls School Founded in 1878
First principal: Martha (Tinker) Raynolds, Class of 1859, who served until 1900
Grisell MacLaren, Class of 1898, was principal from 1900-1906