When to Report?

You must file the First Report within seven (7) calendar days of your receiving notice of the injury, disease or occurrence.

You must file a report:

  • for an injury which requires medical expenses to be paid
  • if the employee suffers job related damage to eye glasses or a prosthetic device
  • if the employee dies a result of a job related injury
  • if the employee dies at the work site, regardless of the reason for death.
  • for mental injury resulting from work-related stress (if either medical treatment or lost wages are incurred)

The employer should retain a copy of the First Report.

You should immediately report such injuries, diseases or occurrences to the Human Resources Department who will notify immediately our service company, Meadowbrook/TPA Associates.

The Service Company may give specific reporting instructions, but should accept the First Report of Injury as the first notice. In the case of an injury, disease, or occurrence resulting in five (5) or more calendar days of disability the original First Report of Injury must be sent by the employer to the Department of Industrial Accidents. Otherwise, the employer is subject to a $100 fine for each instance of failure to file a report whether by neglect or by refusal to file.

Three Claim Categories

  • Report Only
    There is an incident, no medical treatment given, no lost time from work
  • Medical Only
    There is an incident, medical treatment was given, no lost time from work or does not qualify for lost time benefits.
  • Lost Time
    There is an incident, medical treatment is given, the employee is disabled for 5 or more calendar days.

In a "medical only" claim, one in which less than five (5) calendar days are involved, you need not send The Department of Industrial Accidents any First Report of Injury, but the Human Resources Department and the Service Company always is sent the report.