LITS Liaisons


The LITS Research & Instructional Support team is here to help students, faculty and staff with research or instructional technology questions and needs. Each member of the team serves as a liaison to several academic departments or programs. Contact your liaison about research assistance, library instruction, technology projects for your courses, library collection needs, or as a starting point to any of LITS services.

If you're not sure whom to contact, you can reach out to the whole group with the Department email:

Department RIS Liaison Phone
Africana Studies Julie Adamo 413-538-3034
Anthropology Julie Adamo 413-538-3034
Architectural Studies Caro Pinto 413-538-3570
Art Studio Mary Glackin 413-538-2537
Art History Caro Pinto 413-538-3570
Asian Studies Caro Pinto 413-538-3570
Astronomy Sarah Oelker 413-538-2095
Biochemistry Sarah Oelker 413-538-2095
Biological Sciences Sarah Oelker 413-538-2095
Chemistry Mary Glackin 413-538-2537
Classics & Italian Jean Janecki 413-538-2408
Complex Organizations Jim Burke 413-538-2561
Computer Science Sarah Oelker 413-538-2095
Critical Social Thought Caro Pinto 413-538-3570
Dance Chrissa Lindahl 413-538-3439
Economics Jim Burke 413-538-2561
Educational Studies Jim Burke 413-538-2561
English Mary Stettner 413-538-3327
Environmental Studies Caro Pinto 413-538-3570
European Studies Bryan Goodwin 413-538-2165
Film Studies Chrissa Lindahl 413-538-3439
French Jean Janecki 413-538-2408
Gender Studies Julie Adamo 413-538-3034
Geology and Geography Mary Glackin 413-538-2537
German Studies Bryan Goodwin 413-538-2165
History Bryan Goodwin 413-538-2165
International Relations Bryan Goodwin 413-538-2165
Jewish Studies Julie Adamo 413-538-3034
Mathematics & Statistics Mary Glackin 413-538-2537
Medieval Studies Bryan Goodwin 413-538-2165
Music Chrissa Lindahl 413-538-3439
Neuroscience & Behavior Sarah Oelker 413-538-2095
Philosophy Bryan Goodwin 413-538-3439
Physical Education Chrissa Lindahl 413-538-3439
Physics Sarah Oelker 413-538-2095
Politics Bryan Goodwin 413-538-2165
Psychology and Education Jim Burke 413-538-2561
Religion Julie Adamo 413-538-3034
Russian and Eurasian Studies Jean Janecki 413-538-2408
Sociology Jim Burke 413-538-2561
Spanish, Latina/o, and Latin American Studies Jean Janecki
Caro Pinto
Theater Arts Mary Stettner 413-538-3327

Additional RIS and Related Staff Members

Title Name Phone
Director of Research & Instructional Support Megan Brooks 413-538-3357
Associate Director of Research & Instructional Support Janet Ewing 413-538-2670
Librarian for Collection Development and User Experience Kathleen Norton 413-538-2158
LRC Coordinator and Liaison Jean Janecki 413-538-2408
Post-baccalaureate Library and Technology Specialist Bennett de Paula 413-538-3490

Point People for Campus Initiatives

Career Development Center Chrissa Lindahl 413-538-3439
Community Based Learning Julie Adamo 413-538-3034
E-portfolios Megan Brooks 413-538-3357
First Year Seminar Program Julie Adamo 413-538-3034
Frances Perkins Program  Chrissa Lindahl 413-538-3439
McCullough Center for Global Initiatives  Bryan Goodwin 413-538-2165
Miller Worley Center for the Environment  Caro Pinto 413-538-3570
Nexus Program  Megan Brooks 413-538-3357
Professional and Graduate Education  Mary Glackin 413-538-2537
Speaking, Arguing, and Writing  Chrissa Lindahl 413-538-3439
Teaching and Learning Initiative  Megan Brooks 413-538-3357
Videoconferencing  Bryan Goodwin 413-538-2165
Weissman Center for Leadership  Chrissa Lindahl  413-538-3439