Information for First-Year Students

On behalf of the Student Employment Office, part of the Career Development Center, welcome to Mount Holyoke College!

We are delighted you will be joining us this fall. As you prepare for your arrival, we want to share some important information about how the CDC and Student Employment works for all new students. Members of our staff will meet your during orientation to give you an introduction to our services. You will learn more about developing your first-year resume and applying to jobs on campus.

Student Employment

On Work Study?
Entry level jobs (level 1) are reserved for students on work study. Every First-Year student with work-study may begin their employment on campus with Dining Services. Dining Services hiring will begin in the summer, and do not require a resume or interview.   If you would rather a different job, you may use JobX to find work elsewhere on campus (levels 1-4), but please keep in mind that all non-Dining hiring is competitive, and requires a resume and online application.  

Not on Work Study?
First-year students without work-study may also seek out opportunities to work on campus through JobX, but are limited to level 2-4 jobs.

Search for these jobs and others in JobX.

Other Employment

Local businesses and community members also post jobs unrelated to the college in JobX. More information on non-workstudy part-time jobs.

Helpful Resources

Student Employment FAQ’s
Contact the Coordinator of Student Employment and Internships, Janice Kane, with questions not addressed online.

Getting Paid
Information on Timesheets, Direct Deposit and Necessary Paperwork

MHC’s Student Employment Database where you will find on-campus jobs.

Resume and Cover Letter Guide
Get started on creating your resume to apply for jobs on-campus.

The Career Development Center has wonderful resources that will help you find opportunities to gain valuable experience and learn new skills. From student employment, to your internship search, job search and so much more, the Career Development Center is here to help make this process an exceptional learning experience for you. Come visit us soon!