Kyle Broaders

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
organic chemistry, responsive polymer materials, cell-material interactions

Kyle Broaders earned his PhD at the University of California, Berkeley, tailoring materials to interface with the mammalian immune system.He now studies how living cells interact with their material environment and how they themselves behave as materials.In particular, he is fascinated by how living cells know how to behave based on their environment.

There is a growing body of evidence that cells can feel and respond to the shape, stiffness, and chemical nature of their surroundings, but the rules governing their responses are still being discovered.  As a synthetic chemist, Broaders and his lab are using chemical tools to prepare precisely controlled substrates for living cells.The fine chemical control over all aspects of these substrates will allow for parameters to be investigated systematically, hopefully yielding the rules for how cells sense, interact with, and respond to their material world.

His teaching focus is the fields surrounding chemical biology, including organic chemistry and biochemistry.