Daniel Trenner

Visiting Artist in Dance

Daniel Trenner is one of Tango's modern pioneers. He happened on Tango in Buenos Aires in 1986 while he was there teaching Jazz and Improvisation at the State School of Contemporary Dance, at the San Martin Theater. Trenner was one of the first dozen young people involved in tango's revival. He studied with, interviewed, filmed and organized for many of the Milongueros, the older generation dancers. He has been called a ‘Johnny Appleseed of Tango’ for his 20 years of touring as a Tango teacher, visiting more than 100 cities on 4 continents.

Trenner was one of the early proponents of teaching Tango by its elements, he created the first Tango tours to Buenos Aires (Bridge to the Tango), and the first Tango store in North America (The Tango Catalog). He produced more than 80 volumes of Tango Instructional Video, with more than 40 artists (BttTV).