MHC Professor Darby Dyar discusses her research at TEDxSpringfield.

Professor of Astronomy Darby Dyar

By Keely Savoie

Mount Holyoke College Professor Darby Dyar joined an esteemed panel of local businesspeople, students, and visiting researchers at the fourth annual TEDxSpringfield event October 9.

Dyar, the Kennedy-Schelkunoff Professor of Astronomy, addressed an audience at the independently organized offshoot of the internationally acclaimed TED Conference. The news was published in an article in MassLive.

Dyar seeks to understand how hydrogen and oxygen are distributed throughout the solar system, particularly in terrestrial bodies such as the Earth, the Moon, and Mars. She uses several different types of spectroscopy to study rocks that originated from a depth of 90- to 0-km in the Earth, as well as lunar rocks and Martian meteorite samples collected from Antarctica.

TedxSpringfield Chair, Kathleen Mayko, explained that the idea behind the conference is to highlight local experts.

“TedxSpringfield is designed to highlight those in the local community and beyond talking about ideas that they’re passionate about and are really worth talking about,” she said. Read the full piece here.