Graduate School and Careers

Majors and minors in the Department of Spanish, Latina/o and Latin American Studies prepare students for a variety of professional opportunities nationally, in the United States, and all over the world. Students may pursue careers in education, government, law, social services, health care, publishing and non-profit organizations. In some cases, students may also continue their education with an advanced degree (in Spanish, International Relations, Law, area studies and many others). 

Mika Weissbuch, Podcasts for Peace
Mika Kie Weissbuch '11: while researching privatization in and around Managua’s municipal dump, we got the idea to start a children’s community center.
Aviva Elzufon
Aviva Elzufon '10: through my Spanish major I developed the ability for critical, concise, well-written work throughout my post-graduate career.
Natascha Martens (Nen) '05: through speaking multiple languages I started my professional career in academia and quickly moved to other fields.
logo for The Lynk
Emily McClintock '14: I would not be where I am nor would I be as effective a teacher as I am without the department, professors and courses.