Language study is the core component of the major and there are a range of language resources and peer mentors to help students. Our students are expected to incorporate the humanities and the social sciences fully into their studies with classes at Mount Holyoke and the other colleges in the Five College Consortium. Less commonly taught languages can also be studied through the Five College Center for the Study of World Languages, such as, Hindi, Indonesian, Persian, Turkish, Urdu, Indonesian and spoken dialects of Arabic. Students can also see quicker improvement in their language proficiency and fluency through intensive language and study abroad programs, and international programs.

Arabic Language Study


The Arabic program at Mount Holyoke is a part of the Five College Arabic Language Initiative. The coursework focuses on developing skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking Arabic as well as culture. We offer two full years of Arabic instruction and sometimes a third year at Mount Holyoke. Students are able to pursue advanced studies of Arabic in the Five College Consortium.


The Chinese program offering four levels of courses. In addition to intensive training of four skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, we emphasize the connection between curriculum and career and try to create opportunities for students using their acquired language skills in daily life and to learn other subjects. The fourth level Chinese courses are all designed with the concept of “using Chinese to learn” and a specific subject (such as film, journalism, and business) to be studied in Chinese. MHC Chinese Facebook page. 
Placement Test - contact Lisha Xu

 Hiragana, Japanese Language Studies


The Japanese program offers three levels of instruction and students will build their language skills and cultural knowledge with various activities such as visiting Wa-Shin-An (the Japanese tea room at MHC), reading short stories (多読 “Extended Reading”), writing blogs, and interviewing a group of students from Japan who visit us in March. The progress of students will be monitored by the J-CAT (Japanese Computerized Adoptive Test). A number of past students won prizes in Five College Japanese speech contests and New England Japanese speech and essay contests. Check our activities at the MHC Japanese Facebook page.

Korean Language Program


The Korean program at Mount Holyoke College is a part of the Five College Korean Language Initiative. We offer three semesters of Korean at MHC and students can continue to take Korean beyond intermediate I at Smith College and UMass. The students from Five College Korean classes participate in various Five College Korean cultural events such as Korean Lunar New Year celebration and the Cooking Class. In addition, Five College Korean Speech Contest is held in the spring. For more information, you can check our activities on 5-College Korean class Facebook page.