Virtual Private Network

What is the MHC VPN/GlobalProtect?

GlobalProtect is the VPN software that allows MHC faculty, staff & current students to securely connect a remote device (like your laptop or phone) to the Mount Holyoke network when you are off-campus.  Once connected, you have access to all MHC on-campus resources, including keyserved software (on college-provided machines), network spaces, and databases, from off-campus.

A VPN connection will be required to access on-campus computers via remote desktop software.  Note: VPN is not required to access subscription library databases.

Install/Configuration Instructions

Windows/Mac OS - Must be downloaded from OFF campus

The MHC VPN will install GlobalProtect software on your device. Once installed you can open the program directly from your device, and the connection will be established. Remember this software is for use when off campus. Testing needs to be done off-campus.    

  • When off campus you can download the VPN software HERE.
  • Select the appropriate software for your computer and install. 
  • To determine Windows Version, 64 vs 32 bit, right click your My Computer icon on the Desktop and choose Properties. The Properties will indicate which you should choose.  
  • Choose all default options for the install, clicking continue. 
  • Open Global Protect Software Panel and enter settings below.  
  • The Mac may have a GLOBE icon on the top right of your screen, click the globe to select 'Show Panel'.  
  • Mac users may have to hold down the control-key while double-clicking it in order to get the "open" button to appear -- a Mac OS security feature.
  • To download the software when you are oncampus, you may use this link, and you must be logged in via your MHC google account. 

Once it launches, use these configuration settings:

  • Portal>
  • Username> your MHC username
  • Password> your current MHC password   

Mobile Configuration

In the VPN Configuration Settings of your Apple, Android or Windows(10)  phone or device create a VPN Connection with the following settings:


 IPSec or IPSec (Xauth) PSK, or IpSec with PreSharedKey
Description MHC VPN
Account Your MHC username & password
Group Name or Identifier mhcp
Secret or
Pre-shared Key

Once connected, your computer will be virtually connected to the college network, as if it were physically located on-campus.  All on-campus resources would then be available to you, such as mapping drives and remote desktop connections.

Remember to quit Global Connect when you have completed your MHC-related activity.