Leigh Pinkston

Assistant Director of Admission

Why MHC: I am so excited to work in the Office of Admission and look forward to meeting brilliant students who are eager to share experiences, and explore the myriad of academic possibilities offered at Mount Holyoke. I attended a women's college and know firsthand that the shared experiences and fierce friendships gained between women's college students cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world!

College Attended: Wellesley College

Major in College: Psychology, Women's and Gender Studies

Hometown: Memphis, TN

Pets: My cat, Patches

Favorite Vacation Destination: Gulf Shores, Cape Cod, The Adirondacks

Favorite Movie: Lost in Translation

Favorite Book: On Beauty by Zadie Smith

Favorite Musician/Group: The Internet, Jose Gonzalez, Santana

Favorite Food: Chicken & Andouille Jambalaya and other Southern comfort foods!

Favorite MA Restaurant: Night Market in Harvard Square or Local in Northampton