For Faculty

The Nexus program supports faculty course development and new initiatives and integrates the liberal arts education with student’s career goals. The faculty offer dedicated advising, new course opportunities, and collaborative approaches to engage students. Several faculty have been awarded Nexus Curriculum Development grants for the academic year 2017-2018 to support curricular development, host faculty seminars, and bring in embedded practitioners to enhance a students' experience and their overall nexus plan of study (see below).

Nexus Grants for Academic Year 2018-2019
Applications Due May 18th, 5:00 PM (Apply Now)

2017-2018 Awards

Curricular Grants

Christine DeLucia, History
HIST 373/ENVST 377: Cartography Research Seminar, Fall 2017
Public History, Archives, and Museums Track

Andrea Foulkes, Mathematics & Statistics
STAT 241: Methods in Data Science, Fall 2017
Data Science Track

Holly Hanson, History
HIST 243: Rural Prosperity in the African Past, Fall 2017
Development Studies Track

Peter Klemperer, Computer Science & Engineering
COMSC 226: Engineering Robotic Systems, Fall 2017
Engineering for Everyone, Spring 2018
Engineering Track

Becky Packard, Psychology & Education
PSYCH 212: Individuals and Organizations, Fall 2017
Global Business and Nonprofit Track

Andy Reiter, Politics
POLI 314: Political Violence, Fall 2017
Law, Public Policy, and Human Rights Track

Eleanor Townsley, Sociology
SOC 316: Intellectuals, Digital Media and the Public Sphere, Fall 2017
Journalism, Media, and Public Discourse Track

Embedded Practitioner Grant Awards

Amy Rodgers, English
Activist Shakespeare, Fall 2017
Journalism, Media, and Public Discourse Track

Steven Schmeiser, Economics
Corporate Governance, Fall 2017
Global Business Track

Linked Courses

Kavita Khory and Nieves Romero-Diaz
International Migration and Spain and Islam, Fall 2017
Law, Public Policy, and Human Rights Track