Application for Joseph Skinner Fellowship in Art

The Joseph Skinner Fellowship in Art is awarded to a graduate of Mount Holyoke College who is pursuing graduate study in Studio Art or Architecture on a full-time basis in a program that leads to the MA or MFA degree, in the United States or abroad. The Joseph Skinner Fellowship in History has a separate application.


The Deadline for the applications and supporting materials is March 22.

Application Instructions

Please complete the form below. In addition to your contact information and a brief summary of your project, you will be asked to upload several other documents to complete your application: transcripts, an essay, and budget; see more details below.

Section I

Section II

Current Academic Status

If you are presently enrolled in a graduate level degree-granting program:

Please list the degree you are a candidate for:

Academic History

Please list the name, location, degree obtained, and date of degree conferral of all institutions that you have attended subsequent to Mount Holyoke College. If not listed here, please include with your supporting materials.
Please list institutions and dates.
Please list names of employers, occupation or position titles, and dates of employment (if any).

Section III

Future Academic Plans

If you intend to undertake a specific project with this Fellowship, please describe it briefly:

Section IV

Itemized, estimated budget for year of Fellowship:
Other financial resources (kindly inform the Department of other awards as received): Fellowships, Grants, Gifts, Savings, Earnings, Other sources (Identify).
A brief statement of your reasons for continuing higher education.
Please list the names, titles, and email addresses of three (3) persons whom you have asked to write letters of recommendation. All recommendations are due on the application deadline and should be mailed to: Fellowships Committee, Attn: Rose Ryan, Art and Art History Department, 50 College Street, 201 Art Building, South Hadley, MA 01075.

Application Must be Accompanied by:

Candidates are advised that no funds can be awarded until the student is officially enrolled in an accredited graduate program.

Such evidence of matriculation and all as supporting materials below are due March 22, 2017 and should be forwarded to the Skinner Fellowship Committee:

  • undergraduate, and if applicable, graduate transcripts
  • up to 20 images of your work, as evidence of qualification for graduate study. (If return of images is desired, you must include a stamped, self-addressed mailer with your application).
  • Educational Institutions if not listed above.

and should be sent to: 
Skinner Fellowship Committee
Mount Holyoke College, Department of Art and Art History
50 College Street, 201 Art Building, South Hadley, MA 01075.

Candidates are advised, further, that the fellowship, if granted, is not automatically extended in the event it can not be used in the academic year subsequent to application; you may, however, apply for the fellowship again.