Spotlight on Student Employees

Jesse Lang and Kirsten Therrien talk about their two different roles on the MHC Emergency Response Team.
Photo of Julia Kellerbauer
IR student liaison Julia Kellerbauer ’18 adds a touch of home at work
Sara Rashid ’15 and Aladrianne Young ’16 reflect on their work at the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum.
Ruilin Fan ’17 and Margaret Stanne ’16: how working in MHC's Archives and Special Collections has impacted their lives.
Photo of Arielle Derival
Student dining manager Arielle Derival ’17 learns transferable skills for her future career in law.
Photo of Miranda Gontz
discusses her internship at the Academy of Television and her plan for career success in the future.
Elodie Munezero '16: When it comes to the industry, you’re never going to be able to do only what you like.
Erica Keller
Erica Keller ’15: helping other students reach for the stars as a student grader.
Photo of Sabrina Smith
Sabrina Smith ’17 seeks alumna advice, opportunities, and experience during her internship at the Mount Holyoke College Joseph Allen Skinner Museum.
Students interacting with art, painting on a wall.
How Amal Fahem combined her diverse interests, experiences studying and interning abroad, and on-campus employment to craft a unique college experience.
Photo of Maria Correa and Spanish Language Floor residents
She shares her responsibilities, challenges, and positive outcomes of mentoring a student community--and how it relates to her future career.

Highlighting the diverse and important work student employees do on and off-campus. Find an on/off campus job that speaks to you!